I Can Sum Up Friendship In These 10 Texts I've Sent My BFF

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The text messages that we send our girlfriends are pretty damn priceless. Whether you need someone to talk you through your latest lady dilemma, want to feel better about your wild Friday night in, or just need to vent about well ... everyone, sending a text off to your go-to girlfriend and knowing that she'll respond with the right words/combination of emojis is a beautiful thing.

Read on for a few texts between girlfriends that completely sum up what friendship is all about!

When she looks out for your personal hygiene.

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When you inform her about tonight's strict dress code.

When she monitors your recovery progress after a night of drinking.

When you need to vent to her...about everyone.

When you need someone to support your current state of affairs.

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When your friend helps get you through that time of the month.

When she reminds you just how embarrassing you were in front of that cute guy last night.

When you text to confirm that you're both having equally lame Friday nights without each other.

When you just need to talk to someone about your weird eating habits.

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When you need to share your semi-irrational fears.

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