If You Live In These 5 Cities, Your Love Life Probably SUCKS

But for some odd reason, you just can’t seem to find someone to date. Or when you do, you don’t exactly click (i.e. not much in common, still lives with his mother, comes off as a creep, etc.) What could be wrong with you? The answer to that may be that it’s not you; it’s where you live.

In 2014, Kiplinger studied the economic and demographic factors and determined what cities are, to put it politely, mediocre for finding a potential life-partner. Beware if you call any of these cities home:

1. Anderson, South Carolina

Not only is half of the city population married, the town's so small that your choice of singles is basically your entire third grade class. Chances are you'll know everyone already. PASS.

2.  Fort Smith, Arkansas
The city's certainly charming (and has a bit of an old Western movie feel to it), but Kiplinger found that its median income rate to be very low - $14,000 below the national level. Yikes. Drinks on you, I guess.

3. Ocala, Florida
Ocala is known as “The Horse Capital of the World,” so hopefully you're into all things equestrian. But loving horses isn't the biggest dealbreaker here - it's the fact that 54% of Ocala's population is already married. So ... good luck with that, pal. 

4. Punta Gorda, Florida
If you live here, consider moving to another part of Florida (maybe Ocala?), because the majority of folks who live here are retirees chosing to live out the rest of their life in near-perfect 70 degree weather. Unless you’re into the cougar game in which case, God Bless.

5. Yuma, Arizona
Yuma is basically in the middle of nowhere and unless you want to date a cactus, we recommend passing right on through. (More seriously, though, Yuma has a high unemployment rate and high cost of living, so that cactus you're dating is probably out of a job and pays WAY too much for his condo.)

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