10 Wonderful Reasons Your Best Friend Makes Life Worth Living

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why life is worth living

When you're contemplating the reasons why life is worth living, you can put your long-lasting friendships at the top of your list. We all have a best friend we can count on when we're feeling down, and consider them part of the family. Because that's what your BFF is: a sister.

As someone who's an only child, my best girlfriends were the closest I got to feeling like I had a sibling. And when you have people in your life you can confide in, remember these reasons best friends make life worth living:

1. Two is a party.

Even if you’re staying in on a Saturday night with two Domino's boxes of medium-size pepperoni and bacon pizza, a liter of soda and Netflix, you’re having way more fun than the people at the bar.

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2. She’ll dance to all those lame pop songs with you.

You secretly love Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Up” and your best friend does too. And during those nights in together, you’ll gladly plug in your iPhone speakers, sing to your heart's content, and dance like maniacs, all the while upsetting your next-door neighbor. But you don’t care because haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

3. She just gets you.

Something totally gut-wrenching happens in the season finale of your favorite TV show. You need to talk about it (or cry about it, depending on the severity).

Even though your best friend doesn’t watch the show, she'll sit down and listen to you rant ("How could the writers do this to us?!") and will lend a sympathetic ear (“Maybe they’ll bring Kevin back next season.”) After all, she knows that when her show has its season finale next week, you’ll be there for her.

4. She watches out for you.

You guys take care of each other, plan and simple. She’s the one rushing to buy a box of band-aids when you accidentally cut yourself on the passive-aggressive post-it your roommate left you. And you’re the one making sure she's stocked up on tea and honey because she always gets a cold the week before finals.

5. When you don’t feel like laughing, she’ll give you a reason to. 

Ever had those days when it’s just not your day? You woke up late, skipped breakfast, and ripped your favorite sweater on the way to a meeting you're already running twenty minutes late to. Not. Your. Day. 

Not to fear because your best friend will proceed to try her hand at stand-up comedy, suck at it, and consequently make you laugh because, well... she sucks at it. Good friend, that is.

6. On the rainiest of days, she's your umbrella.

She’ll even give you one as a gift because she accidentally broke that cheap $5 one when she borrowed it. And it will be in your favorite color.

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7. She knows something's wrong before you even say it.

Your date was a disaster, the guy was a total jerk, it’s raining and you can't find a cab. You call up your best friend.

From the tone of your “Hello,” she can already tell something is wrong. And before you can even finish explaining what happened, she’s in her car on the way to you with a tub of Ben & Jerry's and zero judgment.

8. She keeps it real.

Even if she knows the truth will hurt you, your bestie will always be honest with you. She’s not afraid to tell you to clean up your act if you’re acting like a spazz. (Because if she doesn’t tell you this, you’ll continue looking like a spazz.) 

9. Distance doesn't faze your friendship.

Sometimes, life happens. One of you moves away, or you move to different cities and you just don’t have the time to see or talk to each other as much as you once did.

But when you do grab 5 minutes on the phone, it’s like nothing's changed. You still call each other weird names, throw popcorn at each other’s hair, and say, "I love you and miss you" before you hang up.

10. She's your partner in crime. 

She's the Bonnie to your Clyde, the Ron to your Harry. Whether it’s committing a state-by-state robbery scheme or defeating the Dark Lord, you can bet she'll be at your side, no matter what.

And if you’re planning something a little more low-key, say egging the house of your jerk of an ex-lover, she'll be there, too. Because one of the many reasons why life is worth living is your best friend.

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