7 Health Benefits Of Hot Sex

Let's get it on.

hot sex

Do we really need to make a case for having hot sex? No, not really. But we're gonna do it anyway! (In the name of knowledge, of course.) So here for your edification are the top seven health benefits of hot sex. Enjoy!

1. You'll stay calm, cool and collected. The endorphins and oxytocin that flood your body during sex will keep you feeling Zen.

2. You get toned up. Sex is a FABULOUS workout, and it will help you keep things tight. Do you need any other reason to head to bed?


3. You'll feel less achy. Orgasms release endorphins that act like a painkiller, knocking out a wide variety of physical woes, from headaches to pre-menstrual cramps to backaches. Yay!

4. You're less likely to need a sick day. According to a study at Wilkes University, people who get it on regularly have a higher concentration of the antibody immunoglobulin A, which gives your immune system quite a boost.

5. You'll be a perkier person. Okay, so this one is just a notion put forth by the State University of New York, but they are theorizing that one reason that women who have unprotected sex report happier moods and less depressive periods is because of semen. Because semen contains such mood-enhancing substances as oxytocin and serotonin (just to name a few), the SUNY study put forth the idea that semen can elevate one's mood via vaginal-absorption. (PLEASE NOTE: we are not recommending unprotected sex. Be smart and use a condom.)


6. You'll have a prettier punim. First off (for those of you outside New York), no, punim is not a dirty word. We're talking about your glowing face! You know how your heart gets to pounding during sex? Well, that leads to improved blood flow, which will temporarily give you a gorgeous glow.

7. Better sleep. Ever wonder why your guy conks out right after sex … and you most likely follow him (I know I do)? That's because all that delightful oxytocin that just made you feel so calm and relaxed and fond of your partner also lulls you to sleep.