12 Types Of Guys You Do NOT Want To Date... Ever!

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By Macy Williams

There are certain types of guys that women find irresistible, even if we know that those men are no good. Can you blame us? Everybody loves a bad boy, but the troublemakers are only the tip of the iceberg.

There are plenty of other types of guys that women should avoid dating at all costs. Take our word for it — your love life will be a whole lot better.

Here are 12 types of guys you do not want to date:

1. The nut job

When he starts telling you about all of the weird and socially unacceptable things he wants to do to you, you might want to check his legal records.

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2. The sap

Does he call you by pet names so much that he can't even remember your real name? Ew.

3. The oversharer

Beware, he might put all of your personal confessions on Facebook. For all you know, he's live-tweeting your relationship at this very moment.

4. The possessive guy

If you so much as glance at your male waiter, your guy will explode. Be careful, he might put a "property of" tag on you.

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5. The socially uneducated

There are basic words and phrases that everybody should know. If he is starting to build up a history of being completely aloof, maybe he has been living at his mom's house for too long.

6. The lazy oaf

He sets enough snacks around his recliner for three days so he never has to get up. When you talk to him, his eyes don't even leave the TV screen. You can give up on being taken on a date now.

7. The stage-5 clinger

He wants to talk to you every second of every day. And if you don't pick up your phone, he has a nervous breakdown — time for some breathing room.

8. The tough lover

You come home from a bad day and he tells you to suck it up. Sometimes a girl could use some sympathy, OK?

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9. The narcissist

He loves himself more than he will ever love you. Enough said.

10. The really old guy

The mature older man is always appealing, but let's be honest: you have nothing in common with him. He thinks you're a child, and soon enough he'll be reminding you of your grandpa.

11. The show-off

Whether he wants you to look at his muscles or listen to his mad bagpipe skills, he needs your attention and approval at all times. Give a girl a break.

12. The cheap guy

There's nothing wrong with going Dutch on a meal, but when a guy can never pay for anything, it's time to drop him. Ever heard of a job?

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Macy Williams is a freelance writer, former content director, and editorial director. 

This article was originally published at Pop Sugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.