16 Things That Happen On EVERY Episode Of 'The Bachelor'

Photo: Twitter.com/BachelorABC
Ben Higgins The Bachelor

Has anyone noticed that every episode of The Bachelor is pretty much made up of the same moments in different settings? That's basically what I'm here to prove. Every week we sit down and watch two hours of the exact same show. It would be like watching the same terrible rom-com over and over again.

That being said, you really can't help yourself because you're addicted and so am I. Here are 16 things that happen on literally every single episode of The Bachelor without fail.

1. Chris Harrison asks the girls how they are feeling.
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2. Someone gets upset they aren't invited on the group date. That means you get a 1-on-1...
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3. One of the girls is overly confident and gets shot down.
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4. All of the crying. There's always one girl who can't hold it together.
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5. Someone's not there for the "right reasons." Listen, if you're there for the right reasons you're not going to win.
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6. A girl gets wasted ... and it's amazing.
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7. Someone overreacts over literally nothing.
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8. Ben Higgins will (hopefully... probably) make out all damn day.
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9. "I'm looking for a good girl," Ben Higgins will say to about 10 girls.
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10. There's actually one person you love to hate: LACE.
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11. Someone says something really awkward.
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12. Chris Harrison asks Ben Higgins how he's feeling.
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13. That dramatic music at the rose ceremony though...
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14. When it's over you feel really underwhelmed.
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15. But then the preview looks like it's all going down next week.
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16. And you kind of hate yourself because you know you're going to watch.
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