5 Super-Pretty Manicures To Make Your Engagement Ring SHINE

Girl, congrats! Your man popped the question and now you’ve got the perfect little rock to show off. Problem is: your nails look anything but photo-worthy and you’re still a few days away from that scheduled mani/pedi. No worries! Here’s a handful of adorable – and easy! – manicures that you can give yourself in no time, leaving you with plenty of hours in the day to flaunt that left hand.

1. The Alana
Sweet and simple, this paint job is actually a sandwich of polishes. Start with a coat of white. Add a layer of a glitter polish, then top with another coat of white. The outcome is very feminine with a subtle edge.

2. The Claire
Skin tone nail polishes like this one help elongate the fingers. Plus, when the polish starts to chip, it’s not so noticeable.  The little red heart on the ring finger adds a pretty touch. Use a toothpick to drop two small dots of polish, then drag the polish down to make a “v”. Practice a few times on a piece of paper before applying and you’ll be a pro in no time!

3. The Della
A solid color of fresh polish is always great way to look put-together. But you’ve got a ROCK to show off!! Add a top coat of glitter polish to increase your sparkle factor and bring a little more glitz to that ring.

4. The Lucy
This is the easiest of all these super-pretty manicures. After cleaning and buffing your nails, apply one layer of a glitter polish for a super-natural paint job with a touch of shimmer!

5. The Vivian
For the girl who really wants to get that ring noticed, there’s the statement finger mani. While you could easily pick any finger to get lacquered in the “statement” color, when newly engaged, the choice is obvious. I went with a gold and red combo here but literally any color pairing works!