20 Thoughts Every Person Has While Watching 'The Bachelor'

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There is literally nothing better than hate-watching The Bachelor (except all of NBC's live musicals, but those are only one night a year and The Bachelor is every Monday night, so we take what we can get). Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely obsessed with Chris Harrison, roses and the tragedy on my TV screen. It's like a sickness and it's almost impossible to look away from the screen. God bless reality TV show video editors, they literally make the world go round.

So far, this season of The Bachelor is anything but disappointing. Is Chris Soules kind of boring? Yes, but his remaining ladies are out of control and amazing. As he starts to narrow them down we really get to see the drama unfold. Tonight was just the beginning of the drama if the previews are any indication of how the season will go and we got to watch the claws finally start to come out. I seriously cannot wait for more Ashley S. drama. She's got to be acting, right? Regardless I don't care who is acting because all we need is a bottle of wine and ABC on Monday nights. Most of the time we have the exact same thoughts every week though, it doesn’t matter who the lucky bachelor is.

Here are 20 thoughts every person has while watching The Bachelor:

It's go time!

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Ugh Chris, your personality is so dull, you make me miss Juan Pablo.

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Why is this guy always staring at the sky and pondering life?

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What do you mean you think you're in love? You've known this guy for three days. This is why you're single, girl.

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Chris Harrison has the easiest job ever. He just walks around asking people how they are feeling. Even Jimmy Kimmel can do it.


I can’t believe he sent the drunk girls home.


These farming metaphors have got to go.

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Have these women ever washed off their make up?


How did they find so many women whose voices haven't matured past that of an 8 year old?


Why are you surprised he’s kissing other women?

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I wonder if my dates are this uncomfortable…

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I need more alcohol.

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OMG! This girl is crazy.


YAS! We have tears.

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Why are you telling Chris about your ex boyfriend? #awks


Oh, you're crying again? Stop that.


Where do you think they find such perfect roses?


Jealousy and reality TV make the best combo.


Mainly because now I feel better about that single life.


Until next week ladies…

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