The Real Reason Why You're Still Single (It's Not Pretty) [VIDEO]

Even though everyone always claims that there are plenty of fish in the sea, it definitely doesn't always feel like it. Let's keep it real. When a majority of your dates are hit and miss, you can't really be blamed for feeling like there's something up. But if we're really honest with ourselves, it probably isn't THAT hard to see that there's a pattern between all of those less than stellar relationships. Trust us when we say that this isn't going to be pretty.

Authors Charles Orlando and Lisa Steadman definitely don't pull back when they give the cold hard truth on why you're currently stuck at a table for one. Need a hint? We'll give you two.

1. Is there a certain someone from your past that you're currently hung up over?
2. Are you really as open as you think you are?

Just think about all of this for a second. There's a possibility that a lot of factors are involved in why your dating experience hasn't been all that great so far. Put your rendez-vous into perspective: What's the common denominator on all of your dates? If you've ever had the urge to scream "Seriously, what gives?" after another disastrous date, you need to take a step back and watch this! Trust us when we say that this is the REAL reason why your love life hasn't been as stellar as you hoped it would be.