Single And Looking? Here Are The Best (And Worst!) Cities For You

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It looks like the Midwest is where it's at for dating.

Is your New Year's resolution to find love in 2015? Well, besides signing up for a dating site and changing up your style, you might want to add moving to your list. It seems drastic, but it's possibly necessary if you live in Yonkers.

When it comes to dating, certain locations are associated with finding love like Paris and New York City, but this is mostly backed by movies rather than science. Wallethub put USA's cities to the test and created a list of 10 best and worst cities for singles.

After looking at 25 different factors, including the percentage of singles, costs of meals and attractions per capita in the city etc, Wallethub came to these conclusions.

So, are you living in a city that's the best for dating? It's time to find out!

10 Cities Where Singles Have It Made:

1. Boise, Idaho

2. Madison, Wisconsin

3. Denver, Colorado

4. Austin, Texas

5. Lincoln, Nebraska

6. Omaha, Nebraska

7. Salt Lake City, Utah

8. Reno, Nevada

9. Minneapolis, Minnesota

10. Raleigh, North Carolina

10 Cities That Came In Dead Last On The List:

141. Mobile, Alabama

142. Glendale, California

143. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

144. New York City, New York

145. Jersey City, New Jersey

146. Peoria, Arizona

147. Brownsville, Texas

148. North Las Vegas, Nevada

149. Hialeah, Florida

150. Yonkers, New York

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