Short Hair And 7 More Looks Guys Can't Stand

"I once kissed a girl with a lip ring and it was like making out with the top of a soda can."

woman with short hair

Want to increase your chances of having that cute guy come over and chat you up? Then you'll want to avoid sporting some of these looks. Read on to see what these 8 guys had to stay about the styles that make them keep their distance when it comes to dating.

1. Tattoos
"They're just a little too brutish. It looks very unfeminine! Especially when it's an arm tattoo. A girl I dated had one, and when she wore short sleeves or tanks, it just looked so out of place. Not to mention, the tattoo was the name of her best friend (who was very much alive), and wrapped in roses. The whole thing was weird." -Mike, 31


2. Short hair
"Short hair is a problem. To me, being a woman means having long hair at least past your shoulders." -Maxwell, 48

3. Big eyebrows
"I'm not into the new trend of thick, bushy looking eyebrows." -Andrew, 26

4. Lip piercings
"I once kissed a girl with a lip ring and it was just...too weird. Like making out with the top of a soda can or something." -James, 19

5. Red lipstick
"I like the way it looks in photos of girls, but to be honest, I wouldn't want to kiss someone who was wearing it. It doesn't look appealing up close." -Joseph, 22

6. Girls who shave half their heads
"I would never approach a girl who had that kind of haircut. I'd just assume she was too bad ass to want to date me." -Rick, 27


7. Black nail polish
"It looks gross, like your nails are dying a slow death or something. It reminds me of Carson Daly on TRL, to be honest." -Sam, 29

8. Pink hair
"There was this girl in one of my classes in college who I thought was really cute. One day she came in with streaks of pink through her hair, and I just wasn't attracted to her anymore. Her hair looked like it was dyed by a troll doll..." -Justin, 26