9 Awkward Stages Of Seeing A Facebook Friend In Real Life

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It's happened to all of us. Maybe it's when you're out to dinner with your friends or maybe it's when you're at the grocery store stocking up on ice cream. Regardless of time and location, we've all been faced with the awkward moment when we run into someone we're friends with on Facebook, but not truly friends with in real life. Perhaps it's Scott Selby, the weird kid in third grade who ate his boogers and farted after eating dairy products. Or maybe it's an old coworker you used to be friends with but haven't seen in years and simply forgot to unfriend her.

In that moment, when you realize your online "friend" is within just a few yards of you, the reaction is rarely to just go say hello. It's far, far more awkward. And since it's happened to one too many times (kill me), I've decided to break the process down so you can feel better about how you handle the situation. You're welcome.


You freeze.
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You quickly look away before the person sees you.
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You internally debate whether you will talk to the person.
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The person sees you before you've made up your mind.
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You feign surprise when the person approaches you.
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You engage in awkward chit chat.
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You wonder if you should ask about his/her's recent breakup, but you already know every sordid detail.
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You stand there uncomfortably wondering when you can leave.
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You end the conversation and slink away slowly.
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