It's (Scary) Science: 5 Frightening Facts About Your Boyfriend

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Hopefully your BF isn't muscular.

We would like to think that we know everything about our boyfriends and that most of those things are good. But thanks to research, we can really get inside the minds of men and understand the dynamics of a relationship.

Sadly, not all of the things researchers find are nice and sweet. In fact, a lot of them are pretty scary! We gathered 5 of the most upsetting facts you didn't (and maybe didn't want to) know about your boyfriend.

1. Your success makes him feel bad.

We would like to think that our boyfriends would be supportive about us succeeding in our careers. It's 2014 and there is less expectation of women staying at home to take care of the household.

But sadly, a study conducted by American Psychological Association found that men view their female partner's success as a failure, even when their goals aren't in direct competition. The same study found that women's self-esteem wasn't affected by their male partner's success. Get it together, guys!

2. If he's muscular then chances are he won't treat you right.

Sorry to the ladies who love athletic men! A study published in Psychology of Men & Masculinity found that muscular men tend to objectify women and act hostile and sexist towards them. If you notice any of these red flags with your toned man then run the other way!

3. He'll do the housework with you ... untill you tie the knot.

Marriage is supposed to be a partnership, but a study published in September Journal of Family Issues has shown that men slack off after walking down the aisle. Turns out that live-in boyfriends are pretty good at keeping up with the housework compared to married men.

Researchers believe that this mostly has to do with the history of gender roles in marriage. Even if men reported to have beliefs in equality between genders, they still ended up leaving the housework to their wives after putting a ring on it. How frustrating!

4. You'll lose two of your friends as you get closer to him.

We all know that former friend who disappeared after getting into a relationship. She used to constantly text you and make plans for the weekend. You might have resented her for it and swore that you would never do that your friends if you found a boyfriend. Well, a study published in Personal Relationships shows you most likely will—and you will lose not one, but two friends! According to the research, men and women lose about two friends while starting a new relationship. 

5. Even if you break up there's a chance your kid could end up looking like him.

How would you explain that to your next partner? A study from The University South Wales found that the molecules of a man's sperm can be absorbed by a woman's eggs and never leave her body. When these eggs are fertilized by another man later it's possible that traits from the previous man can then pass on to the child. Scary!

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