20 GIFS That'll Sum Up Your Love Of Food This Thanksgiving

jennifer lawrence and pizza

If there was a contest and it was up to me, Thanksgiving would definitely be crowned the gold medal winner of holidays. From the utterly delectable treats to the endless supply of sweet, sweet wine, there is nothing better than eating on the one day of the year where you can seriously pig out without getting judged. Being able to share a meal with the people you love (and haven't seen in a long time) makes it even sweeter.

Even though dealing with nosey family can be a major pain, just the thought of all the delicious food that'll be right at my fingertips makes it more than worth it. I mean, who cares about the drama when you can turn up the fun with some delicious grub and spicy cocktails? My M.O. has always pretty much been food over everything, all day and everyday. Whether you like to cook or enjoy the fine art of sitting at the dining room table, belt popped open in anticipation. I know you fellow foodies feel me when I say that my food porn addiction is something I'll never quit. If you're still with me, these hilarious gifs will help you express just how thankful you are for that warm slice of pumpkin pie when your mouth is too full for words.

Thanksgiving (also known as food-day) should officially be the 8th day of the week. Or a holiday we celebrate everyday.

Why waste time caring about what other people think when you could be eating?

This is my M.O. on Thanksgiving.

Because food is the only company you'll ever need.

Yes. Yes it does.

I don't know about you but Dean Winchester and pie are my OTP.

Food over everything.

Food solves all problems. Especially garlic roasted mashed potatoes. Long live mash potatoes.

Feeling down? Those caramel dipped chocolates will dry your tears right up.

Can't escape your mother-in-law's judging comments about the weight you (didn't) put on? Here, have another.


Eating your way to a food coma, one drumstick in each hand? Oh hell yes.

Deciding if you reaaally want another serving of stuffing...

Only to give in two seconds later.

True love.

Waiting for the itis to kick in.

When someone else but you takes too many damn helpings.

Candied yams are involved? Table for one please.


Food is life.