6 Dating Tips All Introverts MUST Know

girl introvert

Let's face it. The dating scene isn't entirely friendly towards those of us who don't naturally possess a finesse for the art of being social... small talk can be taxing enough with strangers (and acquaintances and distant relatives), let alone strangers to whom we're attracted. There's so much pressure to have it all together — say all the right things, share tidbits of your personal life without being too forward, be charmingly funny (like, "Emma Stone funny" not "Jim Carrey funny"), and so on and so forth. It's grueling.

But don't give up hope! We're right there with you, and we've found that it can be done, which is why we've compiled our tried-and-true tips and tricks for navigating the dating world as the closed-off clam that you are. We know there's a pearl in there, so let's make sure everyone else knows it as well.

1. Go out in something that you always feel bangin' in. It's much more difficult to interact with a potential prospect if you don't feel like yourself.

2. Stick to your scene. You probably won't find your dreamboat in a club. A cozy, Irish pub? A cat café? Those seem more likely.

3. Rely on uplifting, social friends. Uplifting is the key word here. You know who they are. Those friends who always have your back and can command a room like it's nobody’s business. They understand and work around your introversion, helping you to loosen up a little without excessive guilt or pressure. Spend your Friday nights around these guys.

4. Drink... a little. They call it liquid courage for a reason. Plus, it's a good conversation starter. "Is that a Moscow Mule? I love Moscow Mules." Boom. You just scored yourself a date.

5. Keep an arsenal of conversation starters. Seriously. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you feel like you're always running out of things to say, there's no shame in doing a little practicing. Just don't write anything out on your hands. And remember: ASK QUESTIONS.

6. Last but not least, RELAX. Don't worry about it too much. When the right person comes along, you may not even need our tips.

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.