This Just In: 82% Of Women Think Guys With THIS Look More Manly


The BILF community is truly taking off, and that's a good thing.

Do you have a BILF? I mean, you must. I imagine everyone, at this point, has a BILF. We're living in a world of so many of them, it would be hard not to have a BILF, don't you think? Wait. You don't know what a BILF is? The horrors!

BILF: Beard I'd Like To Fondle

Yes, the love affair with the beard has reached new heights with its hashtag (#BILF) that, on Instagram, will instantly bring you over 16,000 images of bearded boys in all their bearded glory. It may be Movember when mustaches are supposed to reign supreme in support of men's health awareness, but the love of the beard is keeping more guys' faces furry this month, and every month to come.

We already know that beards and the guys who rock them are awesome for several reasons, but even for those women who were not on the beard-loving wagon have not only joined the rest of us, but even moved toward the front of the line of fans.

A new survey in the UK has found that 51 percent of women prefer beards to all other types of facial hair and the clean-shaven look. The same study also found that 82 percent of women think men with beards look more masculine and over two thirds of them said that dating a bearded man was preferred over a man whose face is, well, bald.

In addition to those numbers, more women than not are asking their male partner to grow a beard, and 38 percent regard it as a major turn-off if a man can't grow a beard. Sucks for those guys, but back to bearded beauties: Even online beauty retailers are seeing an increase in "traditional barber shop style grooming products," as men ditch their razors to opt for the look. It's as if the world is finally the way it should be!

As someone who loves beards, I think all of this is glorious. My husband sports an awesome full beard, and when he thought about shaving it for Halloween, we had a serious issue. While I'm sure he looks just fine without his beard, I fell in love with him with a beard, and, to me, it's his beard that really makes his face even more adorable than it would be without it. Of course, he has other physical features that make me swoon, but that beard just has my heart in spades. Basically, he's my BILF.

The BILF community is truly taking off, and that's a good thing. Vicky Scarfield, the BILF UK owner, is now hard at work creating BILF apparel that will be sold to raise money for cancer charities. So, while you may think it's silly to want to fondle a specific beard so badly, it's for a good cause.

So, find the BILF in your life, support a something awesome, and never let go. That's what the beard would want.