13 Facts About Benedict Cumberbatch's Fiancee Sophie Hunter

Swoon-inducing English actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who has the most regal and stately name in all of the actor world, is off the market. To borrow a phrase from Meg Ryan in Top Gun, hearts are breaking wide open all over the world toooooonight, as the star is now engaged to Sophie Hunter.

We know who he is, but what about Miss Hunter, a gray-eyed brunette? What's to know about the lucky woman who has captured his heart and who will be his wife? 

Oh, trust us, there's plenty. On paper, she sounds like a pretty rad lady and one who is the perfect match for someone as eligible and as awesome as Cumberbatch, Benedict Timothy Carlton.

Here's a crash course and 13 things you need to know about the seemingly wonderful woman who nabbed the soon-to-be-former British bachelor. Once you scroll through this list, you will be left with one question. What doesn't Sophie Hunter do?

1. She is 36: He is 38, so they are of the same generation.

2. She is really freakin' smart: Hunter has a degree in modern languages from Oxford. Yes, that Oxford. So she is smart and beautiful. Lucky guy!

3. Hunter is also a director: She has helmed plays and operas.

4. She is decorated: Hunter is good at what she does, having nabbed the Samuel Beckett Award for The Terrific Electric, a play that she wrote and directed. That also means she is a multi-tasker.

5. Hunter is an actress: Her TV resume inclues roles in Torchwood and Midsomer Murders.

6. She was a co-star of Reese Witherspoon: Hunter appeared in the 2004-released period piece Vanity Fair.

7. She is a citizen of the world: She has resided in Paris.

8. She is a pianist and she sings, too: The future Mrs. Cumberbatch released The Isis Project, a French-language album, in 2005. That title is rather unfortunate given today’s political strife.

9. She met her future hubby through work: They first met on set of Burlesque Fairytales all the way back in 2009. They have known each other for a bit, but the actual romance only began in 2014.

10. She co-founded the Lacuna Theatre Company: Hunter also has held several director posts at companies.

11. She has been Shakespearean: The women of many hats appeared in a production of Macbeth opposite Patrick Stewart in 2008.

12. Hunter is very active and athletic: She likes to do horse-jumping, horse riding and sailing. She likes to horse around.

13. Hunter is bilingual: She speaks French and Italian. That's amore!