Is Your Sex Fantasy NORMAL? Science Has The Answer — Find Out!

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No matter who you are and where you're from, you've definitely had a sex fantasy or two. Sexual fantasies are completely normal and, if you're lucky, something you can act out with someone you're comfortable with and can completely trust. —

But the thing is, with sexual fantasies they really run the gamut. While one's ideal fantasy may be to receive oral sex in the back of a cab, someone else's might involve being tied up in a Red Room of Pain for days. Neither one is more "better" than the other, but some are actually more common.

So in the hopes of figuring out just how "abnormal and atypical" certain fantasies are, scientists at the University of Montreal in Quebec took on a massive project by asking 1,517 adults what their sexual fantasies were.

The 799 men and 718 women were given 55 statements of possible sexual fantasies and were asked to rate them from 1 to 7, strongly disagreed and strongly agreed, respectively. Some of the statements were, well ... less than pretty, like, "I have fantasized about having sex with an animal." While others were a bit easier to swallow, like, "I have fantasized about having sex with an unknown person."

The participants were also asked to describe, in detail, their ultimate sexual fantasy if it wasn't on the list. Men were far more vivid in their descriptions of their fantasies and they had more of them.

But where women beat out men was the fantasy of having sex in a specific location, in comparison to actual things that they wanted to do. Men, on the other hand, seemed to be fantasizing most about getting blow jobs. And thanks to Fifty Shades Of Grey, being dominated sexually was a common fantasy for 64.6 percent of women and 53.3 percent of men.

When all was said and done, the fantasies were broken up into three categories: rare, unusual, and typical.

  • Rare (2.3 percent): sex with animals and/or children
  • Unusual (15.9 percent): golden showers, cross-dressing, abusive sex with a intoxicated person, and sex with a prostitute
  • Typical (50 to 84.1 percent): fantasies involving oral sex, threesomes, and sex in a "romantic" location.

Although the team has been able to categorize the sexual fantasies, their work has just begun. Now it's time for them to move on to the how and why of it all. For example, how and why would someone actually fantasize about having sex with, say, a dog or sheep? What is in their neurological makeup that would allow for such a desire?

Takeaway? Sexual fantasies are normal. It's part of being a sexual being; however, some fantasies shouldn't be acted upon, especially in the case where there's no consent from the other person/thing involved.

Finding someone to indulge in your sexual fantasies is great. But at the same time, you need to realize where "unusual" ends and "rare" begins. That "rare" category isn't pretty, and is definitely something for which you may want to get some help.

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