Want A Guy With A+ Sperm? Just Look At His Face


It may not seem like much of a stretch that looks have a lot to do with offspring. I mean, obviously, any simple math equation will bring us to the conclusion that one good-looking person plus another good-looking person, will likely lead to one gorgeous kid. Of course this isn't always the case, but in many cases it is. In addition to that, a new study suggests that not only do good-looking guys possibly make for good-looking babies, but, overall, their sperm quality is just far better than that of other men on the market. This might be something to consider the next time you're thinking you're ready to ride the baby train: good lookers are the stuff of dreamy kiddos.

A new study found that if you're looking for a guy with awesome sperm, you want the hottest guy in the room. If you don't care about his caliber of sperm, then go for the dude with the masculine features, because his sperm isn't all that. Contrary to my former belief that masculinity was somehow related to beard size and back hair (Ugh. Back hair.), it actually has more to do with facial features. It's the guy with the lower face height and area, along with a combination of cheekbone, lip, and nostril width that a masculine man does make. Well, according to science, anyway.

The study conducted at the University of Valencia in Spain examined the facial attractiveness of 50 white male students then, based on how their looks were categorized by other students, both male and female, took those findings to task in regards to their sperm. After some mixing and matching, some testing and re-testing, the results definitely give women looking to make babies just another reason to go for the hot guy at the bar, while Mr. Machismo will have to contend with women not ready to have kids. But what does such a man's man need with kids? He's got big muscles and stuff!

Although researchers aren't entirely sure why this is, they do seem to think that it could be testosterone levels at play. Testosterone, despite being the major hormone that we really equate to men and their manliness, tends to "impair sperm production," as opposed to making it all it can be, like, truly awesome. Ha! And dudes think they're so manliness with all their manliness, boy, are they wrong. Not that quality of sperm has anything to do with manliness … or does it? I guess it depends on what you're looking for in a partner.

However, the researchers would like to stress that this was only the finding of 50 men, as opposed to, say, 1000, that may have resulted in a completely different outcome. But, hey, if you want to add this to your list as to why you should only be dating a Bradley Cooper look-a-like, then go for it. There's no such thing as too many reasons as to why your standards are so high and that's why you're single. I played that game for years, and really liked it.

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