The Strange Thing That Makes You Want To Have A Kid ASAP

woman clock

Don't want a child now? Stick to digital clocks only.

There are plenty of things that make us want kids. Seeing cute little babies in hats with animal ears? Check. The flood of baby pictures on your Facebook feed? Yep. The constant questions from your mother asking when she's finally going to get a grandchild? Yeah, even that, too. But now, a new study is pointing out something pretty unlikely that may actually want you to speed up your plan to have a baby.

According to Justin Moss and Jon Maner of The Florida State University, the ticking sound of a clock can make a woman want to have a child at an earlier age. Yep, a literal ticking clock can rev up your biological clock. How weird is that?

The two experiments that led to this finding, the first included 59 men and women. They were asked questions about when they would like to get married and have a family. It accounted for how socio-economic background might affect their biological clocks. The second experiment included 74 participants and looked to see how they would alter their standards for their potential mate in order to have kids sooner.

Their results found that reminding someone about the passage of time even through a ticking clock will make a person want to speed up the reproductive process. Even more surprising is that women from lower socio-economic communities were affected more strongly. They tended to want kids earlier when reminded that time is ticking and lowered their standards in a mate.

Men however didn't get swayed as much as the ladies. This is most likely because men are believed to have a limitless amount of time to have children.

So ladies, if you are trying to put off having babies you should probably avoid ticking clocks.