Your Official 2014 VMA Drinking Game, Couples Style

The MTV Video Music Awards are upon us. At no other award show would someone twerk on Robin Thicke (or anywhere else for that matter) or interrupt Taylor Swift's award speech to campaign for Beyoncé. The VMAs are the only award show where Britney Spears would hook up with Madonna. Things like that just don't happen at the Grammys, which is far too classy for that.

So we have created a drinking game, because you can't watch the VMAs sober. On Sunday, August 24, you should prepare a large meal because you will be getting absolutely hammered with our couples VMA drinking game. Now, if you're single (because many of us are), you are free to take out anything that has to do with making out or stripping or keep it. You know, whatever tickles your fancy.

Also, please keep in mind that you can drink at any time throughout the show, you do not have to wait for one of the rules to come up, although we’re pretty positive just following the rules will get you 100 percent wasted. So sit back, relax and watch the disaster that is the VMAs happen (yes, Miley is confirmed to be there).

Beer (or wine, but that's a lot of wine to consume)
Some kind of liquor for shots (your choice!)
MTV (tall order, we know)
A red carpet worthy outfit (pajamas are acceptable — it is after all, the VMAs)

The Official Rules:

Drink Once when/if:
You make a wrong winner prediction (but if one of you correctly guesses, the other person has to take off one item of clothing — we did mention you may be naked by the end of this!).
2. Someone "twerks" or mentions the act of "twerking."
3. You hear the song "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea.
4. Taco Bell is mentioned or a TB commercial comes on.
5. Someone thanks God in their acceptance speech.
6. Anytime Pharrell's hat comes on the screen.
7. They pan to a loser that looks unhappy (basically, if they aren't smiling, take a drink)
8. Someone messes up lyrics or a move during a performance.


Give a drink when:
Your spouse makes a comment about an attractive singer (or celebrity).
2. Your bf/gf forgets to drink at any point in the show.


Drink twice when/if:
Someone is wearing something outrageous (open to debate).
2. Taylor Swift talks about or alludes to an ex-boyfriend.
3. There is an artist nominated that you've never heard of.
4. At any point in her performance, you do not understand the words coming out of Ariana Grande's mouth (take two drinks if you don't even know who Ariana Grande is).
5. Anyone from Jersey Shore speaks or even shows up.


Make out when/if (alternate: three drinks):
A commercial for Teen Mom 2 airs.
2. Someone's performance is too long … and you're bored.
3. At any point, you feel really old watching MTV.


Take shot when:
Anyone makes a comment about Miley's performance last year.
2. Something seriously uncomfortable happens.
3. Bey wins video of the year.


Chug your beer when:
An award speech goes over the allotted time. Waterfall your beer until they're finished talking.

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