Naya Rivera, Get It Together And Stop Being So Thirsty

Naya Rivera makes a lot of questionable life decisions.

The Glee star, who plays lesbian cheerleader Santana on the show, has been grabbing a lot of headlines and publicity for the past year, many of which were negative and related to her personal life, making it seem like she is thirsty for fame and will do anything to keep her name out there, including making poor life choices, like getting married to someone she had been dating for three months … just three months after ending her engagement to someone else.

Still with us? 

Take a second to chew on and digest that.

Rivera wed actor Ryan Dorsey on July 19 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Who? Right, that’s what we said.

Apparently, he has been on Parks and Rec and Southland, as the hastily thrown together "Who Is Naya Rivera's New Hubby?" posts that flooded the blogophere once the news of the nuptials broke. 

Rivera's previous fiance, rapper Big Sean, was way more high profile, relatively speaking. In addition to his cameo on Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me," which was a smash hit, he featured on her sank-like-a-stone, girl-on-girl-crime, poor taste single "Sorry," where she dissed his exes in a ratchet, "I'm saying I'm not jealous, but I really am" fashion. She called them out by name, basically saying, "I got him, you can suck it and I don't care if your heart is broken." It was, in a word, mean.

Having Big Sean on the song — and let's face it, he was the best thing about the track — didn't boost her solo music career, so perhaps that's why they split in April. Maybe he was recruited for that purpose to begin with, since they became a couple out of nowhere and after she reached out to him on Twitter. However, he was classy in his kiss off to her, we gotta say.

While Rivera and Dorsey say that they have known each other for four years, they began hooking up after she and Sean split. Right, so it's a rebound. And convenient, maybe?

Even if it isn't either, will it last?

A quickie marriage for a volatile C-lister puts her front and center in the media for a few weeks. One can't help but wonder if that factored in this life decision.

Also, Rivera seems to have a predilection for making big, public spectacles and speaking through her publicity team when shit happens, so if the marriage goes south — because that NEVER happens in Hollywood — Dorsey should find himself the target of ire. 

Rivera often posts selfies on her Instagram that makes us go, "Wait, why is Naya posting pics of Kim Kardashian on her IG? Oh, wait. That is Naya. She is morphing into a Canal Street version of Kimmy K." We put it down, so you pick it up. You shop on NYC's Canal Street when you want a Chanel bag … for $100. Those don't exist. Those counterfeits? They fund terrorist efforts, if you believe that ads that were actually published in Vogue.

But back to Rivera, who looks eerily and creepily Kardashian-esque in the snap above, thanks to her probable boob job, the highlighted hair and those inflated lips, the latter of which could be another piss poor life decision. Copying someone else is so basic and is also a bad way to behave. Come up with your own look. Buy it; don't rent it. Rivera is naturally pretty and can totally stop kopping Kardashian style.

Rivera also appears to invite people into her life in hopes of boosting her career or her press profile, which could be peaking, since her aforementioned single died on the vine and since Glee is ending next year.

When it doesn't work, it's on to the next one.

Rivera has the merits and the assets — a great voice, a pretty face, a bangin' body. She doesn't use them to her advantage the right way. That's what could send her career to the heavily littered and overpopulated Hollywood graveyard.

Our scrip for all this bad life decisioning? Straighten up. Fly right. Be yourself. Find good roles. Stop looking for press. You can be so much better than this. And we're "Sorry" if the marriage doesn't work out.