11 Naughty Oral Sex Tips He Wants You To Try (But Is Too Shy To Ask)

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Naughty Oral Sex Tips He Wants You to Try

Oral sex is still an embarrassing subject for many couples, which can make it difficult for men and women to show each other what they truly enjoy. While this may not cause problems in some relationships, a majority of couples can experience difficulties in their sexual lives due to lack of communication.

In those instances, finding out what your partner really enjoys can be difficult, but here are some blow job tips that are sure to get him aroused and maybe he'll reciprocate on you. While not every tip will work for every couple, they can be fun to try and might even help to bring couples closer together.

1. Turn the lights off.

Whether you are embarrassed performing oral sex or simply have problems concentrating, turning the lights off can dramatically help. Not only can it help to hide any distractions, but there is something sensual about sneaking up on your partner in the dark.

2. Deep throat without gagging.


It is a problem many women have and men wish that they didn't. If you cannot take his penis deeper into your throat without gagging try placing the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This way you can take his length in without him hitting your sensitive gag reflex.

3. Jump him as soon as he walks in the door.

Almost every guy secretly fantasizes about receiving oral sex as soon as he walks in the door. It is a great way to surprise him and also gives him the idea of surprising you with great oral sex the next time you come in the door.

4. Give hickies.

While hickies may have been a disturbing status symbol when you were in high school, it is not something most people want to experience or show off as they grow older. Just like men enjoy having the tip of their penis' sucked, women also enjoy the same motion on their clitoris. Just remember that you are not trying to leave a mark and you will both experience amazing orgasms.

5. Don't always finish.

Simply because you are giving him oral sex does not mean he always wants you to finish. Oral sex can also be used during foreplay and continue on to vaginal intercourse can often result in both of you achieving an orgasm.

6. Don't forget about his testes.


Just like there are other erogenous zones on a woman to achieve ultimate orgasm, there are also more on men. During oral sex don't forget about his testes, as this area can also have him moaning and asking you for more.

7. Lick the tip of his penis.

Most women forget about the tiny opening at the tip of a man's penis. This super-sensitive area is packed with thousands of tiny nerve endings and can cause him to have explosive orgasms. By simply applying a little pressure to the area, most men are extremely thankful when it is stimulated.

8. Lubricate your mouth before going down on him.

During oral sex, your mouth can become dry, making it difficult to continue. Many manufacturers are now including flavors in their sexual lubricants that not only make intercourse easier, they also make them taste good.

9. Let him know you're enjoying yourself.

It is easier for a man to lie back and enjoy oral sex if you are enjoying it as well. A few moans and even touching him during it can help to reassure him that you are just as aroused as he is.

10. Use your hands.


While you are giving him oral sex, don't forget to use your hands as well. Gently fondling his scrotum and even his penis while you are licking it can push him into an intense orgasm.

11. Try overlooked areas.

This little place on a man's body is often overlooked and can give him intense pleasure when it is stimulated. The small spot between the base of a man's penis and his testes is packed with thousands of tiny nerve endings and can help him achieve an orgasm.