Hank Baskett Clearly Has A Type

Ava Sabrina London, with whom Hank Baskett reportedly cheated on Kendra Wilkinson

Hank Baskett cheated on Kendra Wilkinson with a transgender model, but that's not the shocking part.

Kendra Wilkinson was furious when her husband and father of her two children, Hank Baskett, reportedly cheated on her with a YouTube transgender model named Ava Sabrina London.

Us Weekly reports when Baskett didn't rush to defend himself publicly, she did some investigative work (read: snooping). Not liking what she found, rumored to be a shady credit card charge, Wilkinson chucked her wedding ring down the toilet, threw their wedding photos into their swimming pool and punched holes in walls.

Sure, the "transgender" part is supposed to be shocking and scandalous. But uh, what about the fact that London is apparently just Baskett's type? Think about it: Square jaw. Jacked up eyebrows. Huge fake breasts. Cheap-looking extensions. Famous for appearing as a sex object.

The last factor is likely where the problem began. When you market yourself as an object, it makes you disposable. Baskett reportedly tried paying off London with $2,500 in hush money: He purchased an object, a product, and then needed the product to keep quiet. The fact that London may have been born with a penis has very little do with Baskett's lack of regard for his wife, his mistress and likely women as a whole as people.

Then again, Wilkinson probably isn't the best at relationships, either: Before marrying Baskett, she shared her geriatric boyfriend with a bevy of other Playboy playmates. Perhaps if everyone involved in this mess had a modicum more of self-respect, the entire situation could have been avoided.