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Kendra Wilkinson Talks About Sex With Hef

Kendra Wilkinson Hugh Hefner

If you haven't heard enough about Kendra Wilkinson and her sex life, you're in luck. The reality star and sex tape alum has come out with a book called Sliding Into Home, in which she reveals the intimitate details about what it was like to be one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.

According to the Huffington Post, Kendra bares all about her years as a teenage meth addict, stripper, and Playboy girlfriend and writes in "graphic detail" about sex at the mansion.

Although she won't give any of the juicier details away ("You have to buy the book!" she told Kathie Lee and Hoda recently during an appearance on The Today Show), below is an except obtationed by the Huffington Post about her intitial meeting with Hef:

The whole evening, Hef and I kept staring at each other. It wasn't a physical attraction for me, but he was just so cool. The way he acted and the things he said were unlike anything I had seen or heard before.

At the end of the night Hef came up to me, gave me a key, and asked me to stay the night. I couldn't -- mainly because Zack was sitting outside the Mansion in his car, but beyond that, I felt that being there that night was a job, and I wanted to keep it that way. Clock in. Clock out.

I gave him the key back but told him I would see him again soon.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked again before I left.

Staring into his eyes, I didn't see a man four times my age with ten times more girlfriends than most. Even though I hardly knew him yet, I saw a sweet man who made me feel really good about myself -- a true gentleman. It was weird but in my heart, I felt like he was someone I could possibly trust.

"So, will you?"

There was only one thing I could say: "Um, okay."

Look for Kendra's book on the short list for next year's Pulitzer Prize.