Why Your Date's College Degree May Mean You're Not Getting Laid

... and other dating statistics you need to know

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On a first date with a college grad? According to a recent study, daters with a college degree wait at least 3-5 dates before having sex with someone they're dating, and are 16 percent more likely to wait until marriage to do the deed. Looks like you won't be getting lucky tonight.

Read on for 9 more surprising dating statistics when it comes to giving it up, courtesy of AYI.com.

1. The Deeper The Pockets, The More Likely Those Pants Are To Come Off
People who report making over $60K are 31 percent more likely to say they want to have sex on the first date than singles who make less.


2. Forget About Getting Some First Date Action In Mississippi or Utah
Singles in Mississippi and Utah are most likely to say they want to wait until marriage to have sex.

3. You're More Likely To Get Lucky In The Dakotas
Singles in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Colorado are most likely to say they would have sex on the first or second date.

4. But You'll Have To Hold Out Longer In The East And South
Singles in Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey and South Carolina are most likely to want to wait six or more dates.

5. Silver Foxes Still Have Their Eye On The Prize...
Male daters over age 50 are 6 percent more inclined to push for sex on their first 1-2 dates than men who are younger.


6. ... While The Younger Ladies Are More Willing To Give It Up
Female daters under age 50 are 31% more likely to have sex on the first 1-2 dates than women who are older.

7. Gym Junkies Want Their Hard Work Acknowledged STAT
Daters who identify as "athletic and toned" are 50 percent more likely to have sex on the first 1-2 dates.

8. But Curvy Daters Tend To Wait To Show Off Their Goods
Daters who identify as having a few extra pounds actually prefer to wait until dates 3-5 to have sex, while daters who say their bodies are "curvy" prefer to wait 6 or more dates before having sex.


9. Some Will Even Wait Until They Find "The One"
That's right, 20 percent of curvy daters want to wait until marriage.