Kelly Rowland Is Pregnant! See Her 10 Prettiest Instagram Pics

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Congrats to Kelly Rowland on her pregnancy! Celebrate with her 10 sexiest Instagram pics!


Congratulations to Kelly Rowland! The singer, dancer and erstwhile X Factor judge is pregnant!

Rowland and her new husband, Tim Witherspoon, are expecting, but haven't given too many details. Rowland announced the happy news on Instagram, and it looks like the little bundle of joy may be a boy:


We have no doubt Rowland will be a good mom, based on how doting she is on BFF Beyonce's baby Blue Ivy, as well as how nurturing she was to her charges on X Factor. Celebrate the "Kisses Down Low" singer's happy news by gazing at her gorgeous Instagram photos. Seriously, the woman is beautiful!

Kelly Rowland's hair and makeup game are always on point
Hot dayum, Kelly Rowland topless still looks classy -- but sexy as heck Miley Cyrus, take notes.
Kelly Rowland naked? Nope, just her face -- flawless without makeup Just like Beyonce, she woke up like dis!
So that's how she stays so taut and toned! Seriously, Kelly Rowland looks like she could kick your ass Let that be your motivation!
Lovely in every sense of the word!
The cute hat, the perfect complexion, the view -- who wouldn't want to smooch Kelly Rowland here?!

In this Elle outtake, Kelly Rowland rocks leopard while looking really hot, not Real Housewife-esque No small feat for sure!
The curls, the doe eyes -- Kelly Rowland is just so beautiful it's ridiculous
Kelly Rowland looks cool, crisp and cleavage-y in mint green Gorgeous!