4 Romantic Foreplay Tips That Will Turn Her On (And Lead To Sex)

Foreplay? What’s that?

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For millions of us men, being romantic does not come easy. Am I right? And then we have to give her affectionate foreplay? Foreplay? What’s that? Are you talking about “four” plays to get the next first down in football?

Here are 4 foreplay ideas to jump-start passionate sex and become closer than ever.

1. No matter what she is dressed in, devour her with your eyes.



Wondering how to make your wife or girlfriend horny? The sight of your arousal will definitely add to hers. Bring her close to you and whisper sensual compliments in her ear. Caressing her and kissing her will let her know just how sexy you think she is. 

2. Play hookey from work.

Play hookey from work and just spend the day together. Go sightseeing in a town that is unfamiliar to the both of you. This is a great way to find a great place you never knew existed. Stop at an unknown restaurant and have lunch.

She will feel naughty for skipping work to be with you and enjoy your spontaneity. Maybe you can even get in the mood for a daily encounter in a public place? Quick, spontaneous sex is it's a good solution if you struggle with male sexual problems or your intimate life got boring in your long-term relationship.


3. Get her thinking about you through a text message or phone call.

One of the simplest foreplay ideas that you can do to get her thinking about you is texting or calling. A text or call that says "Hey gorgeous... I love you will put a smile on her face every time. It will let her know that you are thinking about her just as much as she is thinking about you. Here’s another thing you can do: While at a red light give her leg or hand a squeeze. Women crave physical contact and it will definitely take her by surprise.


4. On birthdays and anniversaries, plan something special just for the two of you.

Don’t EVER forget her birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. If she likes excitement, try a day at the theme park. If she loves nature and animals try hiking or a day at the zoo. Whatever you plan, make sure it fits her personality. She will feel truly loved because you took the time to understand her.