Not-So-Happy Father's Day! 5 Celebs Estranged From Their Dads

Angelina Jolie Jon Voight

These celebs are not always on the best of terms with their dads.

While Father's Day is supposed to be a time of celebration and thanking your dad for all he has done over the years, it's not a fun holiday for everyone, especially these celebs, who are estranged from and/or have very complicated relationships with their fathers.

These relationships with paternal units are incredibly strained and have gone through plenty of public ups and downs. Hashtag NoFun.

We don't think that Angelina Jolie, who has endured a rift with her father, actor Jon Voight, for quite a while, or Tatum O'Neal, whose entire family is like a giant soap opera from which we can't avert our eyes, are shopping for "World's Best Dad" t-shirts (or aprons!).

Father's Day, which is Sunday, June 15, might be a bit awkward for these Hollywood stars given the tumult and relationship roller coasters they've endured:

Tatum O'Neal + Ryan O'Neal:

This Hollywood fam has more issues than a magazine rack at Barnes + Noble, for realz Drugs, drama, more drugs and public sparring have lead to many estrangements, which played out publicly. Can we actually not talk about the icky kiss dad Ryan planted on the lips of daughter Tatum in this pic, taken in 2010? To say that their relationship is rocky would be like saying War and Peace is a menu.


Angelina Jolie + Jon Voight:

St Angie's relationship with her father has always been tempestuous. Some days, they seem fine. Others, not so much. He cheated on her beloved mother Marcheline, and Voight has spoken about his daughter in the press, which she didn't like. They have opened doors of communication and have smoothed things over, and even acted as father and daughter in Tomb Raider together. As Jolie has grown up and matured with a family of her own, things have felt a bit calmer. Yet they never quite seem totally on the up and up. Remember, during the Team Aniston vs. Team Jolie scandal, she famously spoke about not being able to cheat with a married man since her own father was a philanderer and fooled around on her mother.


Adele + Mark Evans:

The "Someone Like You" singer and her father Mark Evans are not and have not been close Evans, a plumber, left Adele and her mother when the singer was just two. So Mama raised the British singer solo. Evans blamed his alcoholism for letting his little girl down. He has also talked to the press about not being a part of Adele's life, and he did so well after she became famous, and that's not really the best method of mending the fences. We get that it's a way to reach out and be heard, but ... it's also a way to air dirty laundry and Adele is too classy for that.


Kelly Rowland + Christopher Lovett:

The Destiny's Child singer and Beyonce BFF is not close with her father Christopher Lovett, who has reached out to her publicly Lovett was reportedly a boozer, which pushed Rowland's mother out the door. Mama took their daughter with her and drove far away. Lovett says he tried to find Rowland, way before the Destiny's Child days, to no avail. For her part and to her credit, Rowland has expressed willingness to let her father into her life.


Macaulay Culkin + Kit Culkin:

Mo' money, mo' problems The child actor, who starred opposite John Candy in Uncle Buck before Home Alone, and his father famously feuded over the former child actor's huge finances and success. They have been estranged for years and it's been reported that the elder Culkin does not even have his son's phone number.