10 People Reveal The WORST Places They've Ever Had Sex

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Do Not Enter: 10 People Reveal The Worst Places They've Had Sex

Location, location, location — it's just as important in real estate as it is when it comes to doing the deed. We're all for having an adventurous sex life but sometimes sexcapades can fail miserably. At least they can lead to awkwardly fabulous sex stories, right?

Here's a list of the worst places to have sex that these 10 men and women experiences. We sure hope they learned from their mistakes...

1. On the roof

"On the roof of a building at our college. It would have been awesome had another couple not joined us..."

2. Under the boardwalk

"Underneath the Jersey boardwalk... with broken glass bottles."

3. Underwater

"The pool. I still have no idea how movies get us to believe that sex in a pool is enjoyable for anyone. Not only was the friction impossible to overcome, but there was absolutely no lubrication in the act at all. It was certainly an intimate moment, don't get me wrong, but there was absolutely no pleasure in it."

4. On a church rooftop

"I had sex with my high school sweetheart on a church rooftop (I was raised a devout Catholic and my dad was an altar boy!). It was the only place that we could find near my boyfriend's frat house with any privacy. The church had a slightly slanted roof, which made it hard to concentrate on what you should be concentrating on during sex."

5. On the beach... sea creatures included

"Late night on the beach in the Bahamas. We didn't expect the hermit crabs to join us."

6. On the hospital floor

"While at a hospital, I had the opportunity to get it on in one of the bathroom's cold tile floors. Have you ever laid on the tile floor in a medical hospital bathroom naked? Those open in the back gowns don't do much either, and the romance just isn't there."

7. In a moving truck

"In a truck while my partner was driving on the highway in Montana. I got stuck between the steering wheel and him, and we had to pull over! We parked at this little hiking trail and were about to finish our business when a family walked by. We couldn't relieve ourselves until we got back home... which was an hour drive!"

8. In a corn maze

"In a corn maze. The woman running it left it open after hours for me, my ex, and a couple we were traveling with. There were jagged corn stalks that were stabbing into our butts, not to mention the constant fear of farmers/murderers/corn people wandering onto us, plus the guilt over betraying the nice corn maze lady's trust by doing it in her corn..."

9. In a unisex bathroom

"Fifteen or so years ago my then-boyfriend was in the hospital and we both missed having sex. He was not confined to his bed, so he scoped out the premises and found a tiny, single-occupancy unisex bathroom on the first floor. I was too nervous to relax and let him do anything for me, but while he leaned against the sink, I took care of him orally. We both felt rushed and I was scared of being discovered. It took care of his needs, but it was in no way a gratifying or pleasurable experience."

10. In a moving taxi

"Safe to say, sex in a cab on the west side highway isn't the most desirable place to do it, but does make for a good sex story. Also, the city has to fix all those potholes on the  highway — very bumpy ride!"