Act Of Love Saves Pit Bull On The Verge Of Death


On May 10, a story of triumph, salvation and love was produced in Los Angeles.  And no, not in Hollywood.  In a mountainous region in the southern California city, two women came across an abandoned pit bull on the verge of death.  Rail thin, infected in her left eye, wounded on her paw, and containing a visible tumor in her right ear, the dog, now named Savannah, was spotted in a park infamous as a drop-off point for unwanted pets.

These caring women instantly contacted the animal rescue organization Hope for Paws, which had Eldad Hagar (its co-founder) on the scene almost immediately.  He and his crew approached Savannah gently, coaxing her with treats and soft voices.  At first they were careful to approach her due to the fear that she might attack, but they soon realized that her condition had weakened her past the point of putting up any sort of resistance or viciousness.  They created a 4-minute video documenting the rescue, which includes disturbing footage of Savannah cowering in a bush, her transformative clean-up, and finally her being taken care of in the way that all dogs deserve.

Savannah was given first class treatment, having her damaged eye and tumor surgically removed.  She was stitched up, bathed, and showered with love.  "She is so sweet, and all she needs is a loving forever home," quotes the clip created by Hope for Paws.  Recent pictures show the pooch licking her caretakers, bouncing around a yard, playing with chew toys, and contentedly munching on treats.

Two weeks after being found frail and dying, Savannah is healthy, happy, and up for adoption!