Woman in 10-Week Coma Gives Birth While Still Unconscious

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A bittersweet moment for one little family.

For Melissa Carleton, expectant motherhood was a joyous thing. She had wanted a baby for years, according to her family, and she was overjoyed when she learned she was pregnant. Her life was full of love.

Unfortunately, bad news followed in her second trimester. Doctors discovered a brain tumor that, though benign, was affecting Melissa's ability to walk more than a short distance. Melissa and her husband Brian originally planned to wait until after the birth of their child to have it surgically removed, but her body had other ideas. In March, Melissa experienced a seizure that necessitated rushing her to the hospital for immediate surgery. She has been in a coma ever since. 

Melissa's case isn't what one traditionally thinks of when the word 'coma' comes into play. Melissa is able to open hey eyes and squeeze her family's hands, but she is unable to completely wake up. Doctors have stated that the coma was a result of the seizure, and not the tumor or surgery. Her father John recalled one sweet moment prior to her caesarian section, saying "In a few tender moments, she reached out to Brian, took his cheek, pulled his cheek down to her face and held it there. It was the first time she had hugged Brian since this trauma happened."

Brian and Melissa's baby boy was born via C-section on Thursday, and it is reported that the little one is doing well.

Once Melissa recovers from her C-section, she will be transferred to a rehab facility, where doctors are hopeful that she will be able to fully wake up.

Everyone here is pulling for Melissa, and we hope that she will be recovered and able to hold her baby soon.

Brian has started a campaign to raise funds for his wife's steep medical bills. If you would like to donate and help this young family out, visit their GoFundMe page.