What Guys Really Do ... Before Sleeping With A New Partner

A new study says ladies spend 6 hours prepping before the first night of passion. What about men?

guy with razor

Women think of it all when it comes to their pre-sex prep. We wax, tan, exfoliate and book an appointment for a blow out long before the offer of sex is even on the table. We're just ready like that.

And new research backs that up. According to London luxury brand Bruebella, women take care of the whole nine yards before a man takes her home for the first time. The research concludes that in total, ladies spend at least six hours purifying, styling, shaving and shopping for that drop-your-draws outfit just to woo their new somebody. Hell, women won't even wear the same underwear that they've worn with a former lover.


So, since women take care of everything, is there anything left for men to do before that first night of passion? Well, sort of. We asked a few men we know just what goes into getting ready — and if they even notice a woman's work.

"I manscape — it's a must."
"You just definitely can't just show up unprepared," Gavin, 26, says. "You've got to do the prep work, so yeah, I trim. I don't want it to look too tidy — I still want to keep a little mystery about myself, but I would never expect a girl to go down on me or even look at me when I'm at my unruliest."

Brendan, 29, agrees. "I manscape before the first date — but not because I think that's when we're going to have sex. I mean, it's always an option, but it's become more of a habit now. But after the third or fourth date, I manscape again, just to keep things neat. Nothing wrong with a little clean up, right?"


"It takes 15 minutes, max."
"I always go and get a buzz [on my head] before the Sex Date. I just like to have a nice head of clean hair, you know? Not only does it look good, but it feels good too, kinda like I’m putting my best foot forward," Jackson 24, admits. "But that's really all I do. Fifteen minutes and that's it."

"Sorry," Jake, 33 tells me, "but I don't know any guy who's going to spend more than 15-20 minutes getting ready for sex. Guys like to be a little dirty, they don't want you to think they expected this, or worse, that they were hoping for it. They want things to look clean but not too clean. Any guy that does more than that, well, God bless him."

Chris, 31, ponders for a few minutes before he decides on the one thing that he does before every First Time. "I trim my heard," he says with a little giggle. "It usually tickles her a little bit and it feels really good. I've never had a complaint." When asked if he does anything more, he admits that he doesn't. "I don’t ever let anything else get that unkempt that it needs to be cleaned up that badly, you know? I just maintain. That's the goal. Plus, I'm not one of those guys who really gives a sh*t."

How long do you think it takes women to get ready?
"Honestly," Kyle, 25 says, "I don't even want to know. They do all this primping and plucking and powdering that I think it would turn me off to know every little thing she did before sleeping with me for the first time."


Trevor, 28, says: "If I could tell them one thing, I'd say: 'Women of the world, I don't ever want to know how long it takes you to get ready, to get prepared, to make it feel so damn good for us men. But thank you.'"

Mark, 32, adds that, "No man should ever know just how carefully a woman preps her body. I mean, she takes care of everything. That stray hair on her shoulder? Plucked! Her uneven toenail? Pedicured! Her long-as-hell fingernails? Amputated! Okay, just kidding. But seriously — they find a way to look perfect. And they pay for it too."

What do you do to prep before a night of passion? Tell us in the comments below.