Happy Dos De Mayo! Here's How To Get The Fiesta Started Early

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When you found out Cinco de Mayo fell on a Monday (again) you probably packed away your maracas and sombrero for the season and walked right past the limes at the supermarket. But just when you thought the holiday was doomed, the Most Interesting Man In The World came up with the perfect solution —Dos de Mayo.

For the second year in a row, the fun twist on Cinco is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to get the party started tonight. Because why would you have date night on a Monday when you can have it on a Friday?

To get the celebration started early, Dos Equis launched a seductive go-to drink to accompany you this weekend, the Dos-A-Rita. The ready-to-serve lager margarita is made with 100 percent real Agave nectar and lager beer — perfect for your cozy night in or for a toast before you head out on the town.

Here's what you need to know about how the Most Interesting Man in the World does Dos de Mayo:

So how can you get the Dos de Mayo party going? Here are five date night ideas for you and your loved one to really heat things up this weekend.

1. Have A Few Drinks Then Go Listen To A Mariachi Band
Can't afford to hop on a plane or take a road trip to Mexico this weekend? Yeah, us either. But mariachi is a great way to get a taste of Mexico. Have a few homemade margaritas or pour yourselves some Dos-A-Ritas at home and then head to a Mexican restaurant to enjoy some live music.

2. Take A Mixology Class — And Make Sure To Include The Tequila
Yes, you can just go out to a bar to get a margarita or down some tequila shots, but why not enhance your drink mixing skills by taking a class? Be sure to ask how to make some Mexican drinks like fruity margaritas, a Tequila Sunrise and a Mexican Sangria.

3. Learn The Sexy Bachata In A Dance Class
Take a break from your usual club dance moves and learn the art of the bachata. Dance classes are always fun to do as a couple and formal dancing is pretty romantic, too. The bachata is very sexy since it involves some hips action from the ladies. Have a drink beforehand (hey, liquid courage can bring out your best moves together!) and once you learn you can always find a club for future dates to show off your new dance.

4. Serve Up A Dinner With Your Favorite Mexican Dishes
This is one of the simpler options since most people already know how to make a Mexican dish! And, cooking it together is the best part. Put on some festive music, have some drinks beforehand and enjoy the time you spend together preparing the homemade meal. Whip up some tacos, salsa, maybe some burritos and nachos.

5. Cuddle Up To A Romantic Mexican Film
Of course if you want a more low-key celebration then you can always pop in a Mexican film with your loveWater for Chocolate is a very popular movie about a young daughter who is forbidden to marry — and once she does fall in love things get out of hand. If you're a Netflix user then you will be able to enjoy this one instantly.

How are you celebrating Dos de Mayo? Tell us in the comments below!