5 Texting Habits That Send Guys Running For The Hills

What messages make guys call it quits? Real dudes reveal their text turnoffs.

running in the street

What do Miley Cyrus, priesthood and 'kitty' names have in common? They're all reasons why a few men stopped texting the girls they were into!

Read on to find out what other texting dealbreakers have made these guys call it quits.

1. Save The Pet Names For When You're Exclusive
"I personally cannot stand getting a text that says 'babe' and 'sweetheart' when we're not exclusive. Such a turnoff!" -Christoph, 25


"When it's early on and you start using nicknames that I did not consent to, it's a dealbreaker. My name is Steven, that's the name my mother gave me. She didn't name me 'baby,' 'cutie,' or 'boo.' Don't call me boo. I'm not a ghost. Talk like a grown up, or head to Tinder." -Steven, 26

"A girl kept calling me 'Zaddy.' As in, 'omg Zaddy I cant wait!' What the hell is Zaddy? I just couldn't go through with that rachetry." - Jimmy, 25

2. Be Wary Of What Topics You're Covering Early On

"Earlier this year I went out with a girl three or four times. Things were going well, and she seemed pretty cool. One night she was out with her friends and drunkenly texted me, 'Do you love me?'  I tried to play it off with 'haha you're drunk,' but she sent a series of replies explaining why we should get married and how our kids would look. I was hoping she'd call me the next day to apologize for the drunken messages, but she didn't. I never saw she again." -Mario, 34


"Have you even thought about going vegan? Nope, and I don't want to listen to why you have, either." -Vinny, 24

"If she starts texting me about cats ... or horses ... I'm out!" -Jason, 24

"I should have just changed the conversation, but I decided to take the bait. She started talking about Miley Cyrus, and I responded by saying, 'I appreciate the fact that she has become a beacon for free-spirited youth, but I think that Billy Ray probably cries his self to sleep at night." She then proceeded to tell me that 'Smiley' is her idol and that she does whatever she can to act as much like Miley as possible. It was at that moment that I was brought back to earth, and snapped out of the honeymoon phase. Any spark between us died very quickly after that."  Jacob, 22

3. Don't Play The Guessing Game
"This girl asked if I could guess the name of her 'kitty' ... I just couldn't continue after that." -Max, 25


4. Give The Guy Some Breathing Room!
"Overbearing texting drives me nuts. If I'm texting a girl back and forth and I don't respond right away, which happens quite frequently, since I have a job and what not, and she gets angry over me not answering right away, that's a texting dealbreaker. It makes you seem needy." -Khad, 25

5. Play It Cool With Your Text-Editing
"If her texts are too wordy, or her punctuation is too perfect. It suggests she's insecure about her intellect." -Clay, 27