How To Know If You're Having As Much Sex As Other Couples Your Age

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This Is How You Know If You're Having As Much Sex As Other Couples Your Age
After the honeymoon phase of a relationship wears off then a couple tends to decrease how much sex they're having. It's normal.

You get used to each other, and you find other things to do that give you the same amount of pleasure without any physical effort (ahem, Netflix marathon anyone?) But this also may cause some insecurity in the relationship.

Are you as a couple doing it less than other couples your age? Does your new sex schedule mean that you both aren't pleasing each other as much as you should? Also is it normal that perhaps only one person in the relationship is reaching an orgasm in bed?

According to this infographic from Happify, the happiest couples have sex 2-3 times a week. Now a doctor is agreeing with this fact — but he breaks down even further the average amount of love making among couples into different age groups.

Dr. Harry Fisch, a urologist from New York Presbyterian Hospital tells Daily Mail that the average couple in their 20s has sex every 1-3 days.


Of course, when people get older they don't have as much time or energy to do the deed, so the average drops, but not by much.

People that are 30-50 years-old make love twice a week. Dr. Fisch claims that married couples that are 50 and over still like to get their groove on once a week.

Of course, these are just the average times of average couples. If you and your partner fall short or end up having sex more than this, but are still happy then don't feel like you have fix what isn't broken.

Every individual has a different libido and as long as you and your partner are on the same page then good for you. Go back to simply baking cookies, binge-watching Game Of Thrones or whatever you both rather do together instead.


There is, however, one common problem among couples that this doctor brings to light.

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A lot of women are still being left unsatisfied however according to Dr. Fisch. He says that many men end up falling short of pleasing their ladies because of timing.

Dr. Fisch claims that 45 percent of men orgasm within two minutes of penetrative sex. That would be fine if it took that long for women to orgasm, but Dr. Fisch says this is too short since women take 5-7 minutes to orgasm.

If you or your man is running into this problem, then have no fear. Our experts have 10 tips on making him last longer through different kinds of foreplay.