Is He Still Hot? What Women Really Think Of Zac Efron

Zac Efron

Those baby blues. Those perfectly manscaped brows. The effortlessly messy coif. Those easy-to-gawk at features. Zac Efron, like the late Paul Walker, John Stamos and Brad Pitt, is man pretty. He is unfairly good looking and has a smile that makes you weak in the knees.

As the actor got older and outgrew his High School Musical boyishness and became quite the hunk, he was seemingly on his way to leading man status without shedding the squeaky clean Disney image in a rebellious way. Or so we thought.

However, at 26, he clearly has some issues, as many members of the Young Hollywood fraternity do.

Efron reportedly went to rehab twice for cocaine and wore a sober medal at six months, despite a suspicious story about slipping on a puddle at home, leading him to break his jaw. That seems even less believable in light of the news that he was "cruising" in a dangerous area of downtown L.A. last Sunday night when he ran out of gas with a "bodyguard" and ended up getting punched during a fight with transients.

Driving into a drug warzone, without enough gas and throwing something out the window, upsetting the locals? Sorry, Zac, but we're not buying it. It sounds like a drug deal gone bad, which ended with you getting socked in your baby face by hobos. Ladies, we'll stop for a second to allow you to cringe, wince and scream, "Not the face! Not the face!" 

In all seriousness, if Zac looked for trouble and found it, has it all "ruined" his image, sinking his desirability factor with the ladies. Are women still into the pretty boy who is courting trouble? Can his indiscretions be overlooked? Pre-Skid Rowgate, he was Brandi Glanville's choice for Christian Grey, and we have to wonder if she'd revise that opinion, even though it's technically a moot point because Jamie Dornan plays the part.

We randomly polled several women about their thoughts on Zac. Has his Skid Row sojourn left a stain on his all-American, clean-cut image? Let's find out, shall we?

Hollywood Boys Will Be Boys – He's Still Hot!

"Everyone likes to party," Natalie, 27, said, adding that if he were trolling for heroin or a full-on addict, then it'd be a dealbreaker for her. "I still think he is cool, a good actor and attractive. As long as he doesn't make this a habit, he's still fine, to me."

"I always thought he was good-looking," Alexandra, 26, stated, pointing out he isn't exactly her type to begin with. "But the drug thing was never my thing. It's obvious he is lying. But I can't judge him. He is still attractive and a young kid in entertainment. You get caught up in that world whether you like it or not, so I don't judge. I still think he's hot."

"What in the hell was he doing in that area anyway? Oh I know! He was looking to score! Okay, so he and his team don't know how to avoid that notorious road? It's L.A., not Wyoming! It was definitely not an 'Oops, we are on Skid Row and ran out of gas!' scenario. But those baby blues and killer abs? Zac's still got major hot factor, definitely desirable! Even the police were charmed by him — they let everyone go after the scuffle," said Mary, 31.

"I feel like if he were going to buy drugs, there are endless amounts of suppliers in L.A. that would deliver them to him so he doesn't need to drive to Skid Row to find drugs in this town," said Missy, 27, offering an alternate theory. "I think it's possible he made a wrong turn trying to find a gas station."

Disappointed Or Indifferent

"I was never a fan, even looks-wise. But it's a disappointment that he went down the route and might be lying to his fans," said Arielle, 25

"I can't make up my mind on this. I do not trust the media nor do I trust someone who may be a drug addict. But it is certainly a possibility Zac was in Skid Row after midnight — c'mon nothing good happens after midnight — for the purpose of purchasing illegal narcotics. My gut instinct says running out of gas in that neighborhood was a lie. This stains him," Elena, 27, said.

"I'm not sure about whether he is desirable or not. I feel badly because he seems to be another example of young celebrities who spiral after the onset of fame. Amanda Bynes, Justin Bieber, Zac ... I feel badly for them — everyone is watching but I wonder how many people are truly trying to help," said Katie, 23.

"Zac is clearly a troubled young man … it is hard enough to grow up, but to do it in the spotlight is clearly something that can drive you to substance abuse — look at Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato. It makes me feel bad for him because he is clearly lacking a good support system that could keep him from drugs. He is still a good looking kid, but long-term drug abuse will certainly change that. I hope he can get the help and support he needs to turn that around early, so it doesn't come to that," Jamie, 44, mused.

On A Bad Path

"Zac can help me push a cart full of my life's possessions any day of the week," joked Renee, 36. "In all seriousness, I have driven through Skid Row to avoid traffic and you don't throw things out the window there. Unless you have a huge sense of denial ... you know that's where you are headed, especially if you are already buying drugs there."

"On a basic level, Zac is desirable, sure. But dateable? No. I prefer a man with common sense. He is charming and all, but a girl has got to feel safe and knowing her man is out late at night in dangerous areas getting punched into face by homeless men is too much for a sensible girl," said Jenny, 35.

Clearly, it was a mixed bag of responses!

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