I'm Middle-Aged & Single. Am I Doomed?

All you have to say is "I'm ready for love right NOW."

Dating Coach: I'm Middle-Aged & Single. Am I Doomed?

You're 45 and still single. What gives? Do you have a fear of rejection? Intimacy? Committment? Maybe you're a workaholic. Perhaps you're all of the above. While living your reality may suggest you're doomed to find love, the truth is that you're not. 


Relationship Experts John Gray, Susan Heitler, Margaret Paul, Annie Gleason and Tammy Nelson discuss the reasons you may not have found a steady relationship yet and what you can do to overcome your long-term dry spell. 

What the video to learn about why you should be friendly with everyone, why online dating is the place to be and why looking for a partner is fun — just consider it shopping! 

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