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About Annie Gleason

Dating coach and expert Annie Gleason coaches single men and women who are sick of learning the hard way about dating in the 21st Century. She mentors her clients as they gain confidence, dating skills and an understanding of the opposite sex. Her clients soon move from dating unhappiness into a long-term, happy, loving relationship. Annie makes sense out of the often chaotic world of dating, so that singles can find the love that they're actually looking for. 

She supports her clients as they transform their mind-set, actions and approach to finding love. She works with the most up-to-date knowledge of the science of romance as it relates to common dating practices, while providing a fresh perspective so that they can respond to dating situations from a position of knowledge and power.

She publishes dating tips in her Dating Blog. Her free Friday dating tips newsletter is emailed weekly. Sign up here.

She speaks about mid-life dating dilemmas for various organizations, including The Singles Supper Club and the Society of Single Professionals. She has been been a guest dating expert on ABC TV's The View From The Bay, LoveBeginsAt and KGO radio's Ronn Owens Show and several other radio shows. 

She is certified dating and relationship coach with an extensive background in motivational psychology, mating psychology and success coaching

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Website: http://www.getalovelife.net/
Located 844 California St. San Francisco, CA 94108

Annie Gleason Success Stories

It seemed impossible!


Catherine was a physician in her late 50s who was passionate about dog rescue. She came to Annie in 2008, after a decade without a single date. She joined a couple of Annie’s group programs and supplemented them with One on One coaching. She was completely open to Annie’s 3-month program, embracing the, sometimes intimidating, homework and taking all of her coaching advice. Catherine was amazed at the amount of men she was able to meet with her new found skills. She used Annie’s online dating strategies to post a profile, and spent a little time in frustration before learning to become more savvy. Then she met "Tim”, who became the man of her life. They supported each others goals, their dreams for and challenges with their families, and eventually purchased a weekend country home together in which to retire. They lived together in a committed, long-term partnership, but did not wish to marry. Her testimonial reads:
"Annie Gleason's Get a Love Life is just what I needed. I am a really busy professional woman who talked a lot about meeting "someone", but never did anything to make that happen. I complained about the lack of available straight men in San Francisco. I think I expected to meet them on the TV set in my living room. Since working with Annie, I have overcome my inertia (and a lot of my fear). I have met 3 men I would be willing to date and I am dating one of them consistently. One I met in my neighborhood and the other two through on-line dating. Yes, I finally put together that profile, the catchy name and got pictures I wasn't embarrassed to show to the world. Through Annie's help (and her class about on-line dating), it was hardly painful at all. Just a little effort. In about a month, I went from no dates for at least 10 years, to a dating life, if not yet a love life. And I'm actually beginning to believe that the love life is possible.
Well it seemed impossible, but after almost two years, I am still dating one of the men I met online. Actually I am exclusively seeing him. Dating does not seem like a strong enough word. We are serious and I guess I do have to admit to having a love life now. So thank you Annie! "Get a love life" has changed my life."

Learning to read the signs


Jennifer, a successful, attractive, never-married lawyer in her mid-thirties was ready to settle down and start a family with an illusive Mr. Right. After a long period of dating, she was frustrated that she couldn't find a guy who shared her hopes for the future. She consistently chose unavailable men who didn’t seem interested in deep connection or long-term relationships. When she reached out to Annie, she was in a state of puzzlement and disappointment. She had no ability to read the telltale signs of a guy who is not interested in the commitment she was after. But after going through Annie’s program, she learned how to read those signs and to develop a few of her own to attract the right type of guy.more

"I have learned so much from working with [Annie]. No one had ever really taught me how to date! Thank you for all your invaluable insights into how men think, what they like, find attractive (and vice versa), how to act, and how to navigate the dating world. I am so glad I engaged in this process. It is a very powerful tool."

Jennifer is engaged to marry the love of her life this fall.

Breaking out of serial dating


“Karen,” an attractive, fun, intelligent divorcée in her early fifties, had been dating for over five years after a twenty-year marriage. She had become a serial dater, and found herself in a series of dead-end relationships. Some of these mismatches lasted from a couple of months to years. While she longed for a solid, long-term relationship with Mr. Right, the men she chose to date always shied away from the kind of commitment she craved.more

This was the frustration Karen expressed to me when she entered my coaching program. After a few sessions and committing to my comprehensive dating strategies, Karen learned how to wield her feminine power and started dating in a whole new way. As her confidence grew, Karen began attracting higher quality, more compatible men. I showed her how to shift her dating criteria to one that focused on how men treated her and how they made her feel. This attitude change allowed her to give solid, interesting men a chance to get to know her.

Recently, Karen sent me a letter of thanks, which reads, "Your coaching has been INVALUABLE to me!!!  Best $$ I have ever spent.  To me the number one thing in life is to love and be loved... with a person who thinks/feels the same.  I can spend all sorts of $ on vacations, clothes, house… but that doesn't fill the void of what is MOST important."

Karen rang in the 2014 New Year in Paris, alongside her adoring, committed long-term partner.

Successful in every way...but couldn't find love


"I was widowed 12 years ago at the age of 45. Raising kids who were now out of the house, building a business kept me busy but I still always wanted a long term relationship with a man who would like me for who I am. 
My kids were good, my business growing, but I was not dating! I thought Prince Charming would knock on the door! And, really, my life was “good enough” and who needs someone – right? But the desire for that special someone kept nagging at me, yet I did not have a clue about how to start dating or to even show that I wanted to date! Everyone thought I was married!
I started back onto eHarmony. Step one. Now what? By chance, I read an article about Annie in the Los Gatos Weekly Times. Hmmm … a dating coach! Well, I reasoned, I hire people to do things for me that I don’t know how to do, ( CPA for my taxes, etc.) obviously I need help in this area.  It’s not inexpensive – but neither is being single for the rest of my life! And was I in the game of meeting someone or just going to complain about being single?
Called Annie and started working with her. First need: how to get out of the second and third dates with men I had met on eHarmony and Match.  She gave me the script. They were sooo appreciative of the way I did it and I was relieved!
Next. Self-Knowledge – about my dreams, desires for a relationship and what commitment looked like. And while I’m at it – how men think and act. Lessons in how to  flirt -- start conversations – even to say “hi” to complete strangers! Very hard for me!more

But I was opening up!  Annie encouraged me and helped me to re-write my Match.com profile and taught me how to communicate effectively with on-line matches. I used the last part to email a widower in his 50s who looked interesting. Just get a coffee!!! We have been dating ever since – coming on 7 months! During the dating process, Annie has been very helpful during these early stages, helping to navigate the new relationship as it unfolded so I didn’t jump to conclusions, setting boundaries, and giving guidance as to how to communicate with my new love in a way that helps us both!
Annie didn’t introduce me to the new love in my life, but she opened the doors and windows so that I could find him and recognize him! And he me!"
Update by Annie: August 5, 2014 Regarding "the new love in my life..." she reported via email "Btw - he and I are engaged!"

Dating coach, Annie Gleason, has been taking the frustration out of dating since 2007 as she coaches highly motivated single men and women who want to experience real change in their love lives. Sign up for Annie's free Dating Tips Newsletter here. Get great dating advice from her blog on her website: Get A Love Life. Contact Annie annie@getalovelife.net with your dating questions.


Coaching was key to her breaking a bad relationship cycle

Women seeking a relationship

Marcie went from a loveless marriage into the topsy-turvy world of dating. After four years of passion-filled relationships that evaporated after just a few weeks or months, she contacted me.more

She was frustrated that her latest guy kept disappearing, only to resurface when she started seeing someone else. This had happened to her several times since her divorce, and she wanted to know how to make it stop.

Marcie was puzzled. She was attractive, smart and active. She was a great mom to her three kids, enjoyed a successful career and had tons of friends. But her dating life felt like a disaster.

She longed to be in a long-term relationship and hoped to remarry. And she knew that if other people could connect with loving, successful men, that she might need help to escape from her dating roller coaster ride.

We worked together for three months as Marcie created new, successful habits that replaced those that felt “right” to her, but weren’t bringing her the type of man or relationship that she desired.

We talked every week, and she took full advantage of her ability to get feedback between appointments.

We revamped her online profile. She began to respond differently to men, because she understood them in a way that hadn’t occurred to her before.

After a couple of weeks, things started to change for Marcie. Her confidence soared. The drama in her dating life plummeted.

After a couple of months, she met someone online. Even though they clicked, she took her time getting to know him. He was crazy about her. Her family loved him. She fell in love with him.

He proposed on the anniversary of their first date. They married in Maui. I recently saw one of her posts on Facebook. “I’m one of the luckiest women alive. I’m so glad that I married Don.”

If you would like to be one of my dating success stories, contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to see how we can work together.

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