Steak ... And 14 Other Strange Things Guys Think About In Bed

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Things Men Think About During Sex

Girls get a bad rap for thinking about things other than sex while they're doing the dirty, but is it safe to say guys actually aren't doing the same? Are they going over boardroom tactics or weighing their weekend plans, completely distracted from the fact that you're doing that thing, with your tongue, that they love?

Not so fast, ladies! You'd be surprised to find what's really going through your man's mind during sex (and it’s not all bad!).

1. Blank space

Kyle, 27, admits that, "Even if I was thinking of something other than sex while I was having sex, I wouldn't remember it at all. The moment after I finish, there's just blank space where my brain was. It's like very thought — past, present and future — is gone and replaced with pure joy."

2. Zoning Out 

"I'm an eyes-closed kind of guy during sex," Ryan, 30, reveals. "I really am not paying attention to anything. I mean, don't get me wrong, I want to make sure my girl is pleased, but I also just zone out."

3. Huh? Thinking?

Adam, 26, says with a laugh: "Wait, we're supposed to remember what we think about during sex?"

4. This feels so good

John, 28, explains, "I don't think I think about anything during sex except the fact that it feels so good. During sex and for at least 5 minutes after, I’m honestly controlled by my emotions. That's all I think about."

5. Replay the day and unwind

"My girlfriend would probably be mortified if she knew that I told you this," Christian, 27, says, "but I definitely think about things other than sex sometimes. If I've had a really bad day or if I’m really stressed, I tune out to go over my day's biggest frustrations. I mean, it doesn't last for all of sex — please, I couldn't finish if I was focused on that! But I definitely won’t lie and say I only think about sex, because I don’t.”

6. Career climbing

"Probably the first five-to-eight minutes of sex I think about other things, like how much I hate winter, or the fact that I really should workout more, how big of a douche my boss is, whether or not I want to look for a new job, but then I'm usually over it," Nathan, 25, says, and then adds, “Wait, don't girls think of things other than sex too?” It's good to know he’s not alone in his admissions.

7. To-Do List

Ben, 31, reveals that, in his opinion, no one is really thinking about sex for the first 10 minutes. "If you're a couple and you're both home from your days and your tired and stressed, you have sex. But the, 'Oh my god this feels so good,' isn't really the first thing you're thinking about. You go through your day. Think of your to-do list, stress over the things that made you made. It's how you unwind. Once you're over those things, then you focus on sex."

8. "Breaking Bad" ... or Bed?

Alex, 25, admits that he's actually thought about TV during sex. "I was watching Breaking Bad nonstop and I just couldn't get Walt out of my head. I know, I know … it's so bad that I can't even defend myself."

9. Is it dinner time?

Geoff, 24, says that he couldn't stop thinking about dinner. "Before you write me off as some loser guy that can't think about anything other than his steak tips, I had just healed up from getting my wisdom teeth out and I could not stop thinking about food. I hadn't eaten a solid meal in like two weeks. God, if my girlfriend knew I told you this, she'd kill me."

10. Burning calories, requires more!

"Food, I honestly get hungry because I'm doing all the work," Kevin B., 22

11. My sexy partner

"I think about my girl, and how good she looks, " J.D., 23

12. Everything EXCEPT sex

"The funniest thing I've thought of is what kind of sandwich I was gonna ask for once we were done. Other than that, probably just think about everything else except the sex — helps with stamina haha. I'd probably get my taxes done in my head, during sex, if possible," Tim B., 23

13. Me, Myself And I

"Me personally ... I think to myself man ... I REALLY hope she's into this. Kind of reading her body language and how I don't wanna come off selfish to the point where I get off," Chris R., 27

14. Your crazy 'O' face
"I actually thought someone was possessed once," said Christian A., 21. "Well he seemed like a normal guy ... it was pretty late at night ... and after a while were doing it he started grunting and snarling like a wild animal. And the look on his face freaked the crap out of me ... it was like anger and happiness meshed together. Like that look in serial killer movies, where the killer is all happy about killing someone? And it being dark made it worse."