Picture Perfect? Professional Birthing Photos Are The New Selfies

It's never questioned that pregnancy is a beautiful thing and bringing a baby into the world is one of the most miraculous things someone can experience in their lifetime … still, does that mean you have to be snapping pics in the delivery room?

Some moms are even going one step further by hiring a professional photographer to capture the moment of birth on camera. In a survey commissioned by BabyCentre UK, one in five mothers or pregnant women polled say that they would consider having professional keepsake images taken. And the mommy world is abuzz with the idea more than ever before: Discussions about the topic have jumped 112 percent in online baby community forums. It may seem to some completely expected and to others, indulgent and self-absorbent.

We surveyed women to ask what they think of this controversial idea, most of them having given birth and have the pictures to prove it!

They Capture The Moment Perfectly (But Don't Expect Them To Be Flattering).
"There's one picture of my fiance's face when he held Brandon [our son] for the first time. He's tearing up and it's absolutely priceless. I must've been half-passed out or something because I don't remember that from the delivery room. I would never have seen that if I hadn't had the photo." — Christi, 24

"My sister took photos of my birth and I hate hate HATE how I look in mine ... so advice for moms? Don't expect these to capture your good side, if you know what I mean." — Sami, 39

"Even with natural births I was so 'focused' I wasn't having the same experience my husband had. I'd love to see what I was only able to feel. I'll never forget my births, but now that it's been a few years I think I'd love to see how it looked when my daughters first entered the world." — Nwasha, Akoma House Initiative

No Judging … But No Sharing Over Facebook Either, Please!
"We live in a world of social media so this trend doesn't necessarily surprise me, although I do wonder do women share these images online? I think it's a private beautiful moment that should be kept between a husband and wife or partner." Ellie, The Mommy Master, 37

"Having a photographer would've been great because my husband and I could stay in the moment but reflect on the excitement later ... kind of like a wedding. Not saying I'd post the pics on Facebook or show them to everyone I know, but I'd like to have them for myself." — Nwasha

"I had photos taken at my son's birth. At a family party last Easter, my husband pulled out the photos for all our relatives. I nearly died and so did my kids!" Chloe, 32

Should Your Kids See Them?
"My kids are 19, 17 and 13, and they were ALL photographed at birth — and videotaped, too. In fact, before the birth of my youngest child, I showed my daughter her birth so that she would know what to expect because she was present at his birth — she even cut the umbilical cord — it was really amazing." — Elaine, ImpactADHD

"My kids are both toddlers so obviously not now, but I'm not so sure I'd show them ever! It's really more of a thing my fiance and I meant to share together." Sami

"When my now 7, 4 and 3-year-old sons give me a hard time, I could pop out the labor pics to show. An awesome remembrance of all I went through to give them life!" — Sasha, 27, Author of Waiting 4 Baby Y

"Obviously the child, when he or she is older, probably would not want to see that. I believe this is something you have and tuck away in your drawer ... You know it's there, but no one will ever see it. — Ellie

It's Your Birth — Do What You Want!
"To each her own! We capture every milestone in our lives, such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, etc. so I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that there would be pictures of a birth."— Ellie

"Not only was I videotaped while giving birth at 47, but I insisted on having 'When You Wish Upon a Star' playing when my son emerged. I see nothing wrong with photographing birth — for those who do I imagine it is because they consider child birth sexual — nonsense."
Denise, 57

And if you change your mind? Sasha says it perfectly: "I don't know of any disadvantage because if you don't like the pics ... delete them."

What do you think about this photo trend? Tell us in the comments below.