Who Is Andrea Bocelli's New Wife, Veronica Berti?

Veronica Berti & Andrea Bocelli

Get to know Andrea Bocelli's new wife, Veronica Berti!

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli married his longtime love, Veronica Berti, this weekend. So who is the lovely lady?

Veronica Berti is a dozen years younger than Andrea Bocelli.

Berti, 30, met Bocelli when she turned 18. How convenient!

Berti is Bocelli's second wife.

Bocelli was previously married to Enrica Cenzatti in 1992, who bore him two sons, but they separated in 2002. Cenzatti still lives next door to Bocelli and Berti.

She's his manager.

Talk about mixing business with pleasure! Berti, along with Bocelli's younger brother Alberto, is part of the Andrea Bocelli Business and Management Office.

She has a great set of pipes!

Just like her hubby. Berti has actually performed duets with Bocelli, including the classic "Something Stupid."

Berti is already Bocelli's baby mama ...

She gave birth to daughter Virginia in 2013.

... And they chose their wedding date based on it.

Bocelli and Berti married on March 21, 2014 -- exactly one year after Virginia was born and on the first day of spring. Aww!

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