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Kate Winslet Says Leonardo DiCaprio Is The Love Of Her Life!

Are Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio going from onscreen to offscreen romances?!

When PopSugar asked if DiCaprio or Winslet's Divergent co-star Theo James is closer to having her heart, Winslet responded immediately, "Leo is my love of my life! How could you possibly ask me that question? If I said Theo over Leo, he would never stay the night at his house ever again. Ever. No, he can't have that."

But don't get too excited -- Winslet was strictly speaking of onscreen love, not offscreen. Winslet and DiCaprio famously co-starred in Titanic, then later in Revolutionary Road, both tales (spoiler alert!) ending in tragedy.

Since then, Winslet has married and become a baby mama to Ned Rocknroll (no, seriously, that's his real name), while DiCaprio has romanced just about every woman you've ever seen in a Victoria's Secret catalog. In fact, that may be how he picks them out.

And how cute is this: DiCaprio even gave Winslet away at her third wedding. Too cute!

But still, we can dream, right?

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