Kate Winslet Is Still Dating That "RocknRoll" Guy

Kate Winslet Is Still Dating That "RocknRoll" Guy

Meanwhile, Ned Rocknroll's estranged wife speaks out about his relationship with Kate.

Does Kate Winslet think that she is a 19-year-old groupie? Or a reality star? Or someone other than a 36-year-old Oscar winner and mother of two? Because we just can't figure out why she is still dating a guy who legally changed his last name to Rocknroll.

According to People, Kate was spotted taking an autumn stroll through the streets of New York with her two kids and boyfriend of 3+ months, "Ned Rocknroll," the 33-year-old nephew of British billionaire Richard Branson. Kate Winslet's Fling With Richard Branson's Nephew Is Heating Up

Ned (who was born Ned Abel Smith but evidently felt compelled to change his last name to something more memorable), met the Mildred Pierce actress earlier this year on his father's private island. In a relatively small span of time, he seems to have become really close to Kate, especially when you consider that his marriage to 23-year-old Eliza Pearson ended just recently. 

Eliza is claiming that she is "happy" for her ex, whom she filed for divorce from in July 2011, although the news of his relationship with Kate was "painful" for her to hear.

"I met Ned when I was 18. We spent probably every day together. It was intense in the most beautiful way, but it was always us. I needed to explore myself beyond that," she tells the Daily Mail.

"He said he had met an amazing woman and she was making him really happy. And he told me who it was. I guess I was surprised he had met someone like Kate. That was a little strange. He hadn't known her before. But he explained he'd met her on Necker in August," she adds. 

"Other than saying Kate's a gorgeous human being and he's having a wonderful time with her, he hasn't told me much. He says she's very grounded... I'm really happy for him and I think he's in a good space."

Maybe Eliza is just happy that her future children won't have to be saddled with Rocknroll as their last name. Seriously, how does that not get to Kate?

Would you consider not dating someone who had an awful last name?

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