When Veggies Hook Up: 7 Veggie Hybrids That Can't Be Beet


Here at YourTango, we celebrate love — all kinds of love. Whether it's between a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a dog and a cat.

And now, we introduce another partnership we support — interspecies vegetable love. When two different vegetables love each other very much, they do a special dance at the farmers' market and — boom! — a brand new veggie is born.

Here are some of the hybrid veggies that are kind of a big dill.

1. Brussels Sprouts + Red Kale = Brusselkale

The Love Story: Talk about a power couple. Kimye, Brangelina, call them what you like. This is the couple that gets to cut you in line at the most exclusive Whole Foods no matter how much you slip the bouncer. Why did they just hook up now? Honestly, I think they were waiting until they were both ready for something serious, and I give them a lot of respect for that. They've both been so hot for the past few years, and there's no time to rush into something serious until it's right. And now? It's so right. 

The fusion between these two cruciferous smokeshows results in a veggie that's more subtle-tasting than its parents. They can be sautéed, steamed and baked. Heck, you can even throw BrusselKale in a raw salad. 

Why We Love Them: The new kid on the block, which hit  U.S. supermarkets like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods this fall, makes all of our lives easier. For one, it takes the agony out of preparing Brussels sprouts. And if you've ever been sent to the emergency room (like I have) over chopping those bad boys, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And, as much as anyone loves either of these veggies individually, there's no denying their taste can be complex. But don't you worry; even though their flavor is downplayed — BrusselKale's nutritional benefits are definitely not. Double the amount of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C than Brussels? Kale yeah, baby. Watch out, North West and Prince George, this hip lil newbie is about to take the world by storm.

2. Broccoli + Chinese Broccoli = Broccolini

Their Love Story: Experts are comparing the popularity of upcoming BrusselKale to that of Broccolini — and if they're right this veggie is going to be huge. Back in 1999, broccoli and Chinese broccoli, also known as Chinese Kale or gai lan, got together when they met in Cali. They produced broccolini, which is not an Italian artist but rather a veggie that's just as cute as a button. Not to mention also high in Vitamin C.

Why We Love Them: When we first heard broccoli was hooking up with another type of broccoli, we all rolled our eyes. So what? Well, this couple shocked us all when it created a pretty little vegetable that tastes nothing like regular old broccoli. Instead, we get a more tender, sweeter version of an old favorite that even the pickiest kids love. Also who doesn't like saying "broccolini"? Good work, you two.

3. Potato + Tomato = Pomato

Their Love Story: A match that ended up being so perfect, their little one hardly had to change his name. Rumor has it this unconventional couple met outside of the garden. After always being compared in the song, "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off", the two started getting to know each other. Within a few short months, potato popped the question with a 15 carrot diamond. And guess what? They called it ON. 

Why We Love Them: This is the offbeat, quirky couple that you only see in indie flicks. Tomatoes grow on plants while potatoes grow in the soil. Despite their different upbringings, the two were irresistible. And while tomatoes identify as fruit, we all know they really operate as veggies. (Hey, we're not judging — be who you are!) This untraditional romance is one we simply adore. Pomato, pomahto.

4. Broccoli + Cauliflower = Broccoflower

Their Love Story: These two lovers first hooked up in 1990, when it was still taboo for interspecies veggies to be seen together. You can't look at the excitement around Brusselkale and not think of where we'd today be without Brocoflower.

Why We Love Them: Not only did their union pave the way for all the veggie combos we have today but broccoflower is nutritional beast. This dreamboat has more Vitamin C than oranges. Oh, and it's lime green? Booyah.

5. Turnip + Wild Cabbage = Rutabaga

Their Love Story: They're the couple that does the unexpected — as evidenced by the name of their lovechild, Rutabaga. Everyone thought they'd call their baby Turnabbage or Cabbagip. But just like when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their child "Apple", turnips and cabbage took a different route. The couple is thought to have first canoolded in the 17th century in Scandinavia or Russia.

Why We Love Them: Often overlooked, this humble hybrid is so tasty when cooked. Sure, it's large, intimidating and takes some effort to prepare, but once you do, this is a root vegetable that won't let you down. Throw him in a stew and try him out!

6. Radish + Cabbage = Rabbage

Their Love Story: You know how much we love the underdogs. Like many hopeless romantics, I was rooting for them. After the two connected in the garden one summer night, they gave their a love shot and needless to say, it didn't work out after the birth of their child, rabbage. Essentially, their kid didn't get the good qualities of its parents. Instead, it has the roots of a cabbage plant and the leaves of a radish plant, which the haters say are not useful parts. They broke up and went their separate ways. The awkward silence in some coleslaws may now make sense to you.

Why We Love Them: Just because it's over doesn't mean it wasn't worth it. We admire them both for giving love a chance.

7. Broccoli + Kale = Brokali

Their Love Story: Another strong couple who fell head over heels and produced a tiny one that's filled with Vitamin C and beta carotene. But like turnips and cabbage, this duo flies under the radar, rarely talking to the press about their relationship. Smart move if you ask me.

Why We Love Them: For one, who doesn't love antioxidants? This unique veggie may not be seen at the hottest farmers' markets in Hollywood but there's no doubt she's a powerhouse with a kick ass name. And with the florets of broccoli with the ruffled leaves of kale, she's not so bad to look at either.