Who Is Stacy Keibler's New Husband, Jared Pobre?

Get to know the man who put a ring on Stacy Keibler's finger!

Stacy Keibler and new husband Jared Pobre

Stacy Keibler is a married woman!

The blond bombshell tied the knot with Jared Pobre on Saturday in a surprise beach wedding.

Despite earlier claims that she had no interest in marriage or kids, the couple, who'd been dating about seven months, shocked the world with their nuptials ... and they confessed that they'd been planning them for months!

Former wrestler Keibler was a household name among the WWE set for a while, but she didn't catch on to the mainstream until she dated George Clooney for two years -- lasting a lot longer than most of his ladies! They split, reportedly because she wanted to get married and have kids, two goals that Clooney finds toxic for himself and his eternal bachelor status (though new girlfriend Amal Alamuddin may change his mind).


So who is Keibler's handsome new hubby, Jared Pobre? Get to know the tech tycoon here!

Jared Pobre is much closer to Stacy Keibler in age.
Keibler is 34 to Pobre's 39. George Clooney was a whopping 19 years older than Keibler, so chances are she and Pobre are more attuned to one another's generational references ... and a lil' less likely to head over to the geriatric aisle when they're shopping. (No offense, George -- we love you!)

He's been friends with Keibler for years.
Though they only started dating in 2013, Keibler and Pobre have reportedly been friends for about five years. Guess he had to put his crush aside when he got friend zoned in favor of Clooney. But dude, it's George Clooney. We think he understood.


He's a web wizard! It makes sense, he's a Silicon Valley native! After graduating USC in 1999 with a business degree, Pobre went on to nab back-to-back Inc. 500 awards, as well as an American Business Award (STEVIE) for Fastest Growing Company of the Year and Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for Technology. 

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Pobre is loaded.
Pobre is currently the CEO of Future Ads, a private interactive firm he founded back in 2001. The company is pulling in upwards of $50 million a year, so Keibler won't have to give up her glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle for her new hubby.


He's just what Keibler was looking for.
Keibler said that after Clooney she didn't want to date someone in the entertainment industry, so a techie she already had a friendly foundation with is probably perfect for her. Congrats to the happy couple!