15 Women Who Cheated On Their Husbands Reveal Why They Had Affairs

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Infidelity: 15 Reasons Why Real Women Cheated On Their Husbands

By Ericka Souter

There isn't really any good reason as to why people cheat, but sometimes it helps people move on from the hurtful situation by recognizing what might have caused the cheating. It's also a great way to stop it from happening to you and your partner.

Sometimes, the reason for cheating is completely selfish, because let's face it — it's a very selfish act.

Sometimes, the reason is due to lack of communication or unhappiness in the relationship, or people unwilling to change and work on the things in a relationship that make them unhappy.

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In order to get a better picture of why certain wives cheat during their marriage, The Stir gathered 15 very revealing answers.

1. "He cheated first."

Revenge, of course, doesn't help the situation, but it could be someone's instinct to do so. You want to make that other person feel the hurt that you are feeling.

You want to show that you’re not a victim and you can go out and do dirty as well, but, in the end, cheating back can just cause more problems than fix them.

2. "He got so fat. I love him, but the sexual attraction took a plunge."

Yikes. While this may seem like a shallow reason for someone to stray from their partner, a couple's sex life is a very important part of any relationship. And a loss of that attraction to each other could definitely spell trouble.

3. "The man I cheated with made me feel a way my husband hadn't in years."

A little advice for all the men out there: don't ever stop making your wife feel sexy, loved, and appreciated.

I'm not saying that it's a guarantee she'll cheat on you, but falling into this pattern makes it seem like you're giving up. And it won't be long before she decides to give up, too. 

4. "I wanted to be more wild and do something adventurous."

Let's face it: couples can start to fall into a monotonous pattern over time, and you don't ever, ever want to let boredom get the best of your relationship. 

5. "I felt trapped in a marriage I didn't want to be in."

While this is a heartbreaking scenario, it's still not an excuse to cheat. Getting out of the marriage and then moving on is a much better way to solve this situation.

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6. "He thought my fantasy was weird. I felt too embarrassed to ask him again."

Yeah, please don't ever tell your partner that their fantasies are "weird." This is just immature and a recipe for disaster.

Instead, have an open, honest conversation about why you might not be entirely comfortable with what they're into.

7. "I was bored out of my mind."

In case you didn't already get the idea from number four, boredom is an ultimate relationship-killer.

8. "We hadn't done it in over a year."

Once again, a healthy sex life is a very important part of any loving relationship.

9. "After all those years together, we are more like friends than lovers."

Ouch. It's not uncommon for people to grow apart, especially if they've been together for so many years. This is still not an excuse to be unfaithful, however. 

10. "It's fun and exciting."

Maybe in the moment, but the aftermath will never be either of these things.

11. "My husband doesn't desire me anymore. I wanted to feel wanted, sexy, and adored again."

Once again, don't ever stop showing her how beautiful and desirable she is, and just how unbelievably lucky you are to have her. 

12. "He never initiated sex and became more interested in playing video games."

Grow up, dude. Seriously.

13. "Honestly, I wanted an excuse to end my marriage."

This is a pretty extreme way to try to get a divorce.

It's probably a better idea to find any other — literally any other reason for wanting to separate. Then, you can move on peacefully and avoid all the messy repurcussions that come with infidelity.  

14. "I wanted to make my husband jealous."

This has got to be one of the pettiest reasons for committing infidelity.

15. "He didn't find me sexy anymore."

Anyone seeing a pattern here? This seems to be a pretty popular reason for women to stray from their partners.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in March 2014 and was updated with the latest information.