Cheating Wives Get Real: 15 Women Reveal Why They Had Affairs

woman looking upset with a man in the bed

Excitement, boredom, and more reasons women cheated on their husbands.

There isn't really any good reason why people cheat, but sometimes it helps people move on from the hurtful situation by recognize what might have caused the cheating. It's also a great way to stop it from happening to you and your partner.

Sometimes the reason for cheating is completely selfish because let's face it — it's a very selfish act. Sometimes the reason is due to lack of communication or unhappiness in the relationship, or people unwilling to change and work on the things in a relationship that make them unhappy.

In order to get a better picture of why certain wives cheat during their marriage The Stir gathered 15 very revealing answers.

"He cheated first," answered one woman. Revenge of course doesn't help the situation, but it could be someone's instinct to do so. You want to make that other person feel the hurt that you are feeling. You want to show that you’re not a victim and you can go out and do dirt as well, but in the end cheating back can just cause more problems than fix them.

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