11 Women Reveal Their BIGGEST Sex Dealbreakers In Bed

What are the instant turn-offs when it comes to sex? Women reveal what sent them running.

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A note to all the gentleman: we want to sleep with you, we really do! But there are a few things that we just won't stand for when it comes to your bedroom antics. If you're guilty of these offenses, you most definitely won't be getting lucky tonight.

We asked women to share their biggest sex dealbreakers and they didn't hold back in telling us some pretty awful sex stories. You certainly won't feel as bad about your own horrible sex story after reading these.


1. He was obsessed with my butt.

"I met a guy online who was good looking. He seemed like a normal guy who I thought would be a fun hookup. But before we'd barely even gotten into it, he asked if he could put it in my butt. When I said no, he asked, 'Why not?' Um, because I said so? This is the FIRST time we've hooked up and you're going there already? Not to mention all he could talk about the rest of the time that we hung out was my ass. That was the end of that." —Keira, 25


2. He wanted to pee on me.

"Once my ex-boyfriend asked me to pee on him during sex. I could never look at him the same. Even now, it's like, everything was great... and then there was this need for my pee." — Ashley, 26

3. He insisted we play the theme song to Laverne And Shirley while having sex.



"For some reason, the guy I'm dating and I were talking about TV theme songs while laying in bed. So, before we got intimate he decided to turn on the theme song to the TV show Laverne and Shirley. I can NOT have sex to the theme song of Laverne and Shirley. It's just not possible." —Margo, 41

4. His taxidermied squirrel kept staring at me.

"On a chilly night in October, an adorable friend of a friend invited me back to his place after dancing. He was cute, romantic and really funny. We got to his charming apartment and low and behold, he was into taxidermy. But I'm not talking a stuffed moose. Being that it's New York City and the apartments are small, all he had room for was a stuffed squirrel, lying on his fireplace mantle on its side. Just staring at me. A stuffed squirrel? That's an urban rodent. Who wants to make eye contact with a squirrel when they're having sex? Biggest sex dealbreaker EVER." —Vicky, 35

5. He tried to act like King Kong.


"I had been friends with this guy for years, and we had a little too much to drink one night and ended up back at his place. He's one of those, 'I go to the gym every day and drink things that involve raw eggs and grass' types. Great body, totally chiseled. So we're getting all hot and heavy, clothes start coming off and he starts grunting. And I don't mean in a good way. He starts grunting, shaking his head from side to side, rolling his shoulders around, and I'm trying to ignore it and go about my business. The closer we get to intercourse, the crazier this gets. Now, he's saying, 'Yeah bro!' and banging on his chest. I was like, is he about to bench press me, or do me? It was so creepy! I had to stop him because I was so freaked out, I got my clothes and left. I got a dozen roses the next day with a note saying, 'So sorry for my King Kong-like behavior. You bring out the animal in me.'" —Jen, 37

6. He licked my armpits mid-coitus.


"When I was in high school, this older guy I was seeing started licking my armpits while we were hooking up. On purpose. HUGE sex dealbreaker." —Helena, 25

7. He tried to seduce me in a Spider-Man costume.

"The creepiest sex dealbreaker I have ever experienced was when a guy blindfolded me for a 'birthday surprise'... and came out in a full body Lycra Spider-Man suit. I screamed and ran out of there so fast!" —Ann, 23

8. He wore the tiniest speedo.

"I was in Vegas at a pool party when I saw this guy who was in a really short speedo. My friends and I were laughing at him — we couldn't believe he was wearing that! Later that night we went out to the club and met these Australian guys. I went back with one of them to his hotel room, and when I went into his bathroom, and I saw the SAME speedo that we had seen at the pool party hanging in his bathtub. I was like wait... am I about to have sex with the guy who was wearing that tiny speedo at the pool party right now? No way." —Michelle, 24

9. His room was a disgusting pigsty.

"Last spring I encountered a sexy stranger on the M train. We eye flirted for about 6 stops until he finally sat across from me. We went for drinks at a local Bushwick bar. After one too many drinks we went back to his apartment and straight into his bedroom... which was a WAR ZONE. It was as if I had stepped into the bedroom of a 13-year-old boy who had no friends. Piles upon piles of dirty clothes were laid on top of video games, which laid on top of his dingy twin mattress. In addition to the mess, his mattress laid crooked, without a bed frame, on the floor. He didn’t excuse the mess, he just said 'don’t judge me,' as he began removing the clutter from his bed. I was tipsy enough to consider staying... until I saw him remove beer bottles and empty fast food bags from the mattress pile. For a cute hookup I can put up with a lot, but lack of basic cleanliness and hygiene is a serious sex dealbreaker." —Jordana, 23


10. He thought he was Willy Wonka.

"As I was hooking up with this guy, he stopped and said, 'You get a golden ticket!' like Willy Wonka. He then pulled out a magnum condom with a gold wrapper. Ummmm, dealbreaker!" —Maureen, 25