How Did Christian Grey Change Jamie Dornan's Body Forever?!

How Christian Grey changed Jamie Dornan's life, which co-star hit it off with Dakota Johnson & more!

Jamie Dornan, who stars as Christian Grey in '50 Shades Of Grey,' posing shirtless in an underwear ad

Fifty Shades Of Grey changed the sex lives of women everywhere, and the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie changed its very own Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan, forever — especially that hot body of his.

In his first interview since nabbing the coveted role of Christian Grey (after Charlie Hunnam dropped out, that is), Dornan confessed on The Graham Norton Show that he is physically different now from when he first started filming the steamy saga in 2013. Was it something he shot in the Red Room Of Pain? Handcuff marks?


Dornan promised, "It's not as creepy as it sounds!"

Indeed, it's something much more innocuous: His walk!

He told British funnyman Norton, "So basically, I've always had a complex with the way I walk. I've not always been told I've got a bad walk, but someone's always commented on my walk. It's always been a bit like, 'Alright. That's how you walk?'" He chuckled, "And I'm 31 years old, literally the first thing you learn in life is to walk. And I was like, ‘that's funny. I'm not great at walking.'"

Dornan explained that he used to walk on his toes, but received instructions on how to walk heel to toe for his role as Grey, and it transformed his entire life. "No one ever told me that! I was always toe-to-more-toe! Now I just apply that every day, when I'm walking around."


As for other long-term changes? Dornan's a little more on the fence about the franchise's popularity affecting the rest of his existence. "I mean, look, we're in a really powerful position that 90-plus million people have read the book so if like a third — I mean, a hundredth of those people — that's successful if they go see the film," he said. "It's a nice position to be in, but I have no idea what it's gonna do."

Speaking of Charlie Hunnam (remember him?), sources revealed that the erstwhile Christian Grey was also up for another major life-changing, franchise role: He almost starred as Thor!

A source told The International Business Times"Before [Chris Hemsworth] landed the coveted role, other Hollywood hunks were considered to play the famous hero including Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam and True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard." 

As if the Nordic demigod weren't enough of a sex god! Hot damn!


If you'll recall, Dakota Johnson, who stars as Anastasia (Ana) Steele, had "tangible chemistry" with Hunnam. Turns out, she has that with a lot of people, including her Need For Speed co-star Aaron Paul. E! News reports of the Breaking Bad actor and the sexy starlet, "There's no denying that Aaron Paul and Dakota Johnson have natural onscreen chemistry ... It's also one of the last times we'll see Johnson hit the big screen before she debuts her highly anticipated performance in Fifty Shades of Grey."

Indeed, in a trailer for the flick, Paul affectionately caresses Johnson's face, leans in and tells her, "You're beautiful." Aww!

As far as the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie goes, get ready for a lot of steam ... but not for an NC-17 rating.

Executive producer Dana Brunetti confessed on the Oscars red carpet that the flick is getting an R rating, but promises it won't take away from the sex (which is the whole point of the movie, honestly). He promised it would be "sexy and hot," adding, "E.L. [James] was there every day. She was very hands-on. To have the author there definitely makes it pretty faithful."


And what about a Fifty Shades sequel?! (For the movie, that is — though a fourth Fifty Shades Of Grey book is still possible, too!)

Brunetti was careful with his words. "We just wrapped; we'll talk about it in a year from now," he said. "I have no idea yet. We haven't even started discussing that yet. We just want to get this one wrapped and get it cut. We'll see the cut, see how it goes, and once it's released, we'll start discussing what happens next."