Unconditional Love: 16 Babies And Animals Who Get It Right

baby dogs
Love, Family

Prepare to have your heart melt.

There is no more perfect, pure love than that between a child and an animal. The children are still innocent, and animals are capable of incredible unconditional love. Here, we've rounded up our favorite photos from an adorable imgur post (see the full album here).


Oh, now that's a face
"What are we looking at?"
Naptime is all the time
"I got your back"
The only way to travel
"Both my babies"
There are no words to express the cuteness Just revel in it.
Okay, this is just too much I'm dying.
Baby: "I do not know what this fluffy thing is but I love it already"
Dog: "I do not know what this pudgy thing is but I love it already."
A perfect fit
It all comes down to how you raise them
Ever so content
Does anybody else want to see the kid ride that thing?
"Oh, smooches I love when she gives me smooches."
Now that's love